Pros and Cons of Wikipedia

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Wikipedia is an open content online encyclopedia which is used as a source by many of the researches as a reference. For any user, the information from Wikipedia is given first priority when looking out for information. Many controversies were raised about the accuracy of the information provided in the Wiki pages and many strategies have been put together too.

For a researcher, before taking the wiki pages as the reference, they need to check the level of accuracy of the provided information on that page. Some of the pros and cons of Wikipedia are:

Pros and Cons of Wikipedia

Pros of Wikipedia:

  • Wikipedia is a website that has a result of almost every kind of information needed. The Wiki pages that have information on different topics.
  • Wikipedia further allows any non-technical users to publish information very easily on the Wiki pages with no any restrictions.
  • For any user, it is quite easy to find the information in the Wikipedia within minutes. Also, you can learn many new things you have never heard before.
  • Users from any part of the world are able to access the same document at the same time with an easier collaboration of shared data.
  • Users registered to Wikipedia are capable of editing information that is published in wiki pages. By following different measures the logged in users are able to edit the documents.
  • The Wikipedia pages provide all the references to the documents that are linked to the information provided in the wiki pages.
  • If the wiki pages have any wrong information is edited, then the software has the ability to revert the changes to the previous version.

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Cons of Wikipedia:

  • There may be some confidential information that may reach the wrong person as any users logged in are capable of editing the information in Wikipedia.
  • With the capability of users to edit wiki documents, there can be some users misusing the feature for vandalism and spamming of information. Strict measures should be taken so as to make sure that the ones editing the pages are the users who are logged so as to reduce vandalism through automated spam bots.
  • As the editors are few for the Wiki pages, the unpopular topics may tend to have less trustworthy information.
  • The information present in the wiki pages cannot be taken as a reference for academic research as all the information provided may not be true in that particular page.
  • Editors are allowed to write information about people that may have their name, pictures and basic information without their permission.

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