Microsoft Windows 11 Pros And Cons

Windows 11: Pros and Cons

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Microsoft has finally released its new weapon of an operating system called Windows 11. As a new OS, you may think it might not be good as Windows 10 or even not be compatible with the existing hardware. We are here to answer your queries about the new OS by listing the pros and cons of Windows 11 in this article.

Before we really start here is what you need to know:

What’s New?

Well, we all are familiar with Windows at some point in our lives. So there is really nothing to give an introduction. The new OS is basically an extension of what we have been previously all along. There are so many cool things that are added to the new OS and you can try them out. The main one being the ability to support the android applications and superb graphics added to the system. Also, there are many others that we going to discuss.

How to get Windows 11?

Simply speaking to get Windows 11 one just needs to have strong internet access as users can update their existing windows updates. Of course given that your hardware supports the system.

Now we got the basics to let’s move to the main topic. What are the big changes as pros and negative sides as cons of Windows 11? Let’s see.

Windows 11: Pros

  1. We all have been waiting for this feature. The new OS is capable of running android apps through the Amazon app store.
  2. It is faster and its performance is also improved than its previous times.
  3. There are new updates for gaming in the new OS. The improved graphics and speed give an extra edge to the system.
  4. The security system is enhanced than before.
  5. New animations, sounds, widgets with more fluidity and function for users.
  6. Better multitasking and new design for an iconic start menu.

Windows 11: Cons

Now, let us move to bad points for the new Windows 11:

  1. The most notable flaw about the new OS is that it is not supported in 32-bit architecture. That means if your device is old then it won’t work.
  2. Windows 11 Home Edition might be only available through online updates.
  3. It has very high hardware specifications and the chip TPM 2.0 which is very expensive.
  4. For laptops, this OS needs at least a forward-facing camera and it needs to be high-def.

Here are the pros and cons of Windows 11you guys to judge and know. Hopefully, this helps.

Our verdict

If you are satisfied with your current system then there is no harm in sticking to the current OS as you will feel more comfortable and compatible. But after reading the pros and cons of Windows 11 if you are thinking of changing your system, feel free. It is always new and refreshing to use a new version.

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