VirtualBox Pros and Cons

Virtual Box Pros and Cons

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Virtual boxes are made for the ease of use. They have become an integral part of the business-oriented computing. A virtual box is a software that lets you run like an emulator for the system. You can run multiple systems on the single system not having to create any partitions or any physical diversion in the hard drive. You can have many operating systems running in the same OS despite of whatever OS you are running. Using the virtual box will allow you to use the system installed separately from the host operating system but you can take advantage of the hardware installed in the system. Virtual box pros and cons are something that needs to be given proper care because you will be running your whole business-oriented computing in that configuration.

Virtual box has user-friendly interface that makes usability easier. Everything on the virtual box is done as if you were doing it in the real pc, you can set the configurations and make good use of the hardware, though the system might not exist physically. The pros and cons of the virtual box are listed below.

Pros and Cons of Virtual Box

You can make good use of the system depending on the pros and cons of the virtual box. Some of the pros and cons are as in the sub-topics below.

Pros of Virtual Box

Virtual Box Pros and Cons

  • Multiple OS in same computer: Through virtual box, you can run multiple operating system in the same computer. You have the freedom to allocate the amount of hardware usage you would want as the configuration. Like the real OS, the OS on virtual box won’t take up permanent space on the hard drive.
  • No effect to host machine: While you create a virtual machine on the virtual box, you can create a virtual hard disk. The advantage is, if the virtual box crashes, there will be absolutely no effect to the host machine.
  • Easy to use and install: The process to create a virtual machine in virtual box is easy and simple. The virtual box download takes only few minutes depending upon your internet speed and installing is rather easy. There are many step by step tutorial on the internet about the virtual machine set up in the virtual box.
  • Latest hardware support: It supports latest virtual hardware and obsolete hardware as well. The USB ports on the host machine can be used with ease and has support for the latest USB versions.
  • Trying out new OS is easy: Rather than having the hassle of dualbooting new OS alongside the running OS, virtual box lets you have the new system tested in the virtual environment. It will provide you the feel of using the machine just like in the real hardware.

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Cons of Virtual Box

  • Less efficient: Virtual machines on the virtual box are less efficient than the real machines. As it is run upon the host machine, there is some request that needs to be approved by the host processor. This will result in slow usability.
  • Dependent on host machine: You can configure the virtual box to run the virtual machine like or even more powerful than the host machine. But the catch is that the virtual machine uses the hardware of the host machine, which makes it directly dependent on the host. The faster and powerful the host is, the powerful and more efficient the virtual machine will be.
  • Effected by the host machine weakness: Process isolation is a feature usually employed by the operating systems. Well, there are bugs that affect this functionality of the OS. If there is single virtual machine in the OS, then only that system will be affected but if you run multiple virtual machines in the system, all of the machines will be affected.

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So ultimately, the main reason a company might use the virtual box is because they want to run separate Operating Systems on the same computer. There might be many reasons for that like meeting the demands of the client. Current system might not be sufficient for the operation of company’s goals. Or even that the current system might not be sufficient for the company. In any terms, you will need a different system and physically deploying another system might get costly for the company’s budget. These are some virtual box pros and cons as discussed in the post above. Do comment us in case of any suggestion or confusion.

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