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Vimeo is a video-sharing website similar to YouTube that allows members to view, upload and share videos. Members of Vimeo can choose between its free service or a number of paid services aimed at helping organizations control how their videos appear on the Internet. The free service of Vimeo allows members to employ a number of creative tools so as to enhance videos, add music tracks and pull from Creative Commons-licensed videos. Here we have listed out the Vimeo Pros and Cons. Hope you will like and share it!

Vimeo Pros and Cons are:-

Pros of Vimeo

Vimeo Pros and Cons

  1. No hassle of advertising.

For a plus point, Vimeo doesn’t run any kind of advertisements in the middle of your videos, unlike YouTube.  Users are able to run videos in a way that best suits their brand and control over how the videos are shared or embedded. Moreover, users can even customize the look of their embedded player to maintain the look.

  1. Works with Google Analytics.

You’ll be able to hook your

Vimeo business account can be hooked into the users’ analytics dashboard to find more insights about the viewers watching their videos. Also, users are allowed to add up to 10 team members to their account, which makes it much easier to manage their video collections and data.

  1. Access to a video production team.

Vimeo provides a brand studio team to brands who sign up for a business account so that they can work with their business to create videos and maximize the impact of their new content.

  1. Suggested videos at the end of each video

Instead of suggesting to watch someone else’s video Vimeo lets you choose what next to watch at the end of each of your videos. This help user to remain constant on their page, display some custom text, or have them a link to more of their videos on their Vimeo channel.

  1. Customizable privacy settings

A user can choose between the sites that can embed their videos and protect them with password as well.

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Cons of Vimeo

Vimeo Pros and Cons

  1. Less traffic available.

Vimeo currently has over170 million viewers worldwide, with 42 million viewers of the United States only. Although those numbers are strong, it is worthless in comparison to YouTube and it may not be suitable for a generalized audience

  1. Not free

Vimeo doesn’t provide free accounts for businesses wanting to promote their brands. A Vimeo PRO account is a must, which gives you 20GB of video per week.

For some reason, this is more than a fair trade because you do not have to deal with ads; still, it’s not nice to have to pay a dime, regardless of how much content you’re uploading.

  1. Google search results

It is rumored that Google favors the lists of videos hosted on YouTube since Google owns YouTube which ultimately decreases the view of Vimeo

$75 per month for the Vimeo Premium plan allows user for live streaming when they are still capped at 7TB of total storage. A user receives unlimited live streaming; nevertheless, it reduces the impact of this potential negative somewhat.

Vimeo being the choice of many video professionals, it is an inexpensive way to get away from the ads and suggested videos that YouTube does to lure your visitors. Although Vimeo does have a respectable built-in network, the audience visit is less compare in size to the massive audience that YouTube brings daily. But, for users looking for a somewhere to host videos that can be embedded or shared by others, Vimeo might be your best bet.