the pros and cons of using angular js

The Pros and Cons of Choosing Angular JS

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Angular JS is one of those popular frameworks among the developers of rich cyberspace applications. It is open source framework built over JavaScript mainly used to overcome obstacles encountered while working with Single Page applications. Maintained by Google and supported by a huge community of developers worldwide, Angular JS is among the top considerations when choosing the right JS framework. However, before choosing that framework to be used in your project, it is essential to consider the pros and cons of Angular JS. Some of the pros and cons of choosing Angular JS are listed below:

Pros of choosing Angular JS

  1. Improved server performance

The Angular JS supports caching and many other processes and thus reduces burden from server CPUs. It means that the server can now perform well with reduced traffic as it only serves static files and responds to the API calls.
the pros and cons of using angular js

  1. Two-way data binding

Because of two-way data binding, the developers can reduce the development time. With this framework, you don’t have to write additional code. The framework offers faster and easier data-binding. It furthermore ensures that changes made to view are instantly displayed in the model and vice-versa

  1. Document Object Model(DOM) manipulation

Unlike other popular JavaScript frameworks, Angular conveniently relieves the developer of actively manipulating DOM (Document Object Model), all thanks to its two-way data binding approach. It means that the developer saves time and efforts to code, translate and update the DOM elements.

  1. Use of directives

With the use of directives, Angular JS keeps the scripts and HTMP pages mess-free and extremely organized. Developers can easily create dynamic content with HTML.  And, also it allows to create independent codes by cramming together specific functions and using them repeatedly.

  1. Fast development

If you are a fast learner, you can quickly work and get used to Angular JS.  Once you learn it thoroughly, Angular JS can save your development time and effort.

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Cons of choosing Angular JS

  1. Difficult to learn

In comparison to other frameworks, Angular JS is difficult to learn. There is a very less documentation for it affecting further learning process. So, rather than following a straight learning graph, you may have to face great difficulty in adapting to the framework.

  1. Lagging UI

One of the major issue with this framework is the lagging UI when your application has high-traffic. During high-traffic situation your app UI will start lagging. Also, Angular JS framework has some limitations which include Big data grids and lists.

  1. Many confusions

For a person who is new to Angular JS, this framework can create different confusions as there are numerous ways to perform a certain task.  Thus a beginner can’t decide which way to choose for a specific task. So in order to have the proper benefit of this framework, a learner has to develop in-depth knowledge.

  1. Possible time consumption

The websites and application designed using this framework takes time to render pages in a browser. This happens because the browser is overloaded to perform additional tasks like DOM manipulation. However, this drawback is only for the old computers and devices.


You can definitely use Angular JS framework for dynamic web apps. But you need to keep the pros and cons of choosing Angular JS in mind before using it in an application or websites. It is very difficult to learn but sure it does have some amazing features saving enough time and cost as well. But, if you tend to have difficulties then there are many alternatives frameworks available to try out in your project.



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