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VPN Pros and Cons

VPN Pros and Cons (Pros and Cons of VPN Service)

A good VPN or Virtual Private Network has a plenty of benefits. The VPN helps you to access geoblocked websites and content from all around the world, which may also include your favorite streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and BBC. Also, it can be used  to change your IP address and appear as though you’re in a different country, so as to get better prices on flights, hotel rooms and more. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of VPN further in the post.

Keeping aside the all fun and games, a good VPN will also help you secure your internet connection, protect your privacy and cover your identity, making you safe from hackers or anyone else.

The VPN present around is available in different version and it’s important to remember that not all VPNs are created equal, and each VPN has its own set of pros and cons.

These are the VPN Pros and Cons:

VPN Pros and Cons

Image: CNet

Pros of VPN:

  1. Access To Blocked Content from Anywhere

When you’re traveling to somewhere and want to stream live video from different country or access content from your home country, and you’re getting annoying error messages, then a VPN can be your ultimate new friend, helping you bypass any geoblock. The VPN can give you back your online freedom where you’re in a censorship-heavy country and you want to access blocked websites

A VPN helps you to change your IP address and appear as though you belong to a different country because of which a whole new world of possibilities is made open for you. For all this facilities, you need to make sure to choose a VPN that has servers in the locations you need.

It’s very important to choose a VPN with high speeds to get around the anti-VPN software some streaming services use.

  1. VPN Keeps You Safe

In this age of hackers and trackers, we are frequently sharing personal information over the internet without giving it a second thought. Yes, when whether you’re logging into your bank account or just having a private chat you don’t want people snooping on you.

A VPN protects your data and keeps your activity secret, whether you’re browsing the web at home or at the office through public Wi-Fi. The VPN helps you to remain anonymous and nobody from hackers to government officials and they also aren’t accessible to what you’re doing online.

  1. Saves Your Money

When you use a VPN to change your IP address, you’ll soon get to know that free access to content from all over the globe isn’t the only benefit you get.

Different E-commerce websites have different prices for display to shoppers from different countries. Like a product which may seem very expensive from a site of Sweden may suddenly drop in price if you access the same site through a server in India. This is very helpful in case if you’re booking a flight and hotel room for your next vacation.

  1. Can be accessed in Affordable Price

Many VPNs are significantly cheaper than other types of security plans. With just a few bucks a month, a premium VPN service can unblock any blocked website you want keeping your connection anonymous and secure. No hardware to be installed and no technicians to deal with, a VPN can be up and running within minutes.

With many VPN services available out there, always remember that they’re never exactly “free”. A user always end up paying one way or another, whether it’s popup ads, data transfer, intense slow speeds, or worse. Some free VPNs however, will actually sell your personal data to third parties or provide you with moderate security at best.

Many premiums VPN services often offers free trials or money-back guarantees, so that you can try them out before you buy the best one. This is a best option if you only need a VPN for a short period of time but once you get used to the benefits of a premium VPN service, you might feel that it’s totally worth paying for.

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Cons of VPN:

  1. Can Slow Down Your Connection Speed

A VPN help keeps your connection secure by protecting all your online activity, but this facility come at the price of a very slow connection and no user has that enough time and patience to sit waiting for websites to load or for streaming content to finish buffering. Hence, you want to be sure to get a VPN that can handle the buffering and connection.

  1. Anti-VPN Software Available Now is Getting Stronger

With many major streaming services such as Netflix, which is everybody’s favorite, if tried to combat VPN connections with VPN blockers, you might wake up one morning finding that all your trusted VPN can no longer access the content you want.

While some VPNs failed to stand a chance, Nord VPN and ExpressVPN have proved time and time again that they are the best among all and can get through the toughest block Netflix throws in their direction.

  1. VPN Connection Can Suddenly Drop

A reliable VPN service doesn’t make a user experience connection drops very often but it happens from time to time for a very few time. The main problem isn’t just the inconvenience of having to reconnect, it’s just the moment your encrypted connection drops and real IP address is exposed, making you no longer anonymous.

There is a kill switch feature available in VPNs, which instantly disconnects you from the internet in case of a server down which can prevent you from being exposed.

  1. Configuration Can Be Difficult

In the case of your VPN not being configured properly, you could experience IP and DNS leaks which can make your private data vulnerable to hackers and various other online threats.

  1. Increased Network Complexity

The Premium VPNs usually use a large number of network topologies, protocols, and hardware devices so as to create the network. Doing this procedure, the VPN ensure that you get a much more robust network and also increase the network complexity. However, people using the VPN should be aware about the various security threats that the network can face.

Hence, these are few of the pros and cons of VPN. No matter what you need to use a VPN service for, make sure that you choose the best one which can fulfill your needs which may involve a bit of researching on your part, and also you can check out some great VPN providers for your Android, or iOS devices. Read the pros and cons of VPN before you jump into using it.

AMD Processor Pros and Cons

AMD Processor Pros and Cons

AMD is the second-largest supplier in the market being the only significant rival to Intel in the market for x86-based microprocessors. The AMD products include microprocessors, motherboard chipsets, embedded processors and graphics processors for servers, workstations and personal computers, and many more. AMD Processor has its own pros and cons which are different from the Intel.

Below are the AMD Processor Pros and Cons:-

Pros of AMD Processor

  1. AMD is cheaper

For a user who has less funds and budget, this is a good processor. The price is quite cheap when compared with Intel. Hence it is among the best choice for the gamers. The price is still low because AMD has not been holding and dominating the world market which is still being dominated by Intel and also hasn’t earned much reputation in the market.

  1. Has more Superior Graphic

Along with the cheaper price, the quality of AMD graphics processor is better and suitable for playing games because it makes the graphics display of the game more interesting if with this AMD processor. But, for YouTubers or renderer Intel is a better choice as AMD can be less suitable if using this one processor.

  1. AMD Processors Can Detect Malware

AMD Processors have a feature called Enhanced Virus Protection (EVP) which can detect virus and malwares. This feature helps to check whether there is a virus content in the running program.

  1. Can handle 64 bit Applications in a proper way.

With the advancement in technology, application development is also growing rapidly which results in a lot of content so it is a 64 bit based. Thus, the AMD producers make the processor more optimal when handling 64-bit based applications.

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Cons of AMD Processor

  1. Less Fame

Talking about the number of users in the world, AMD is very far from Intel. AMD brand is not very familiar to ordinary people. This is the reason behind the AMD processors being cheaper than the price of Intel because of its less fame though the quality of AMD is not less than Intel, even outside Intel.

  1. Fast Heat Generation

The AMD processors often expel heat because it does not use the heat sink as its main cooling component. It still use the fan as a cooling component. However, some people have switched to ice cooler to reduce the noise that is not pleasant to hear.

  1. Lost to Multimedia

Users being mostly involved in the multimedia world are not recommended to use this processor in the process you do. Intel is much preferable because it is designed to handle matters relating to multimedia.

Hence, these are few of the pros and cons of AMD processor. Though it is lagging behind Intel processors, it is doing its best. Analyze the market and your needs to choose best processor for yourself.

iPhone Pros and Cons

iPhone Pros and Cons (Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhone)

iPhone has always been the house for innovation and inventions. The trend started by Late. Steve Jobs and his team has been the trend-setter for the mobile industry. Steve always thought of simplicity and innovation though it is obvious that innovation costs money for research. The iPhone devices that Jobs introduced to this world was one of its kind till date. Competing with the rest of the smartphone brand alone, it’s a trillion-dollar company. It had been the second most producing smartphone company for quite a few years. Some of the pros and cons of iPhone we will discuss in this topic further.

With the advancement in technology, the iPhone got taller, thinner and powerful than its previous version. Most of the devices have been following the steps of iPhone. When the iPhone had the cut-out in the display in the latest iPhone X, smartphone companies like One Plus, Huawei, Xiaomi etc. too introduced their version of the notch on their devices. The notch soon got famous. Though Apple isn’t always the first one to introduce any technology in their devices, being the bigger name in the smartphone realm, the trend it sets soon gets a benchmark for most of the companies to beat with the price and technology.

iPhone Pros and Cons

iPhone Pros and Cons

Image: The Verge

iPhone is like a golden goose which lays golden eggs, both the price and the feature is like the golden egg. Some of the pros and cons of the iPhone are given below.

iPhone Pros

  • Design: iPhone has the most eye-catching design. The weight to performance ratio of the iPhone is great. We have had some of the great looking iPhones being equally productive. iPhone has been a style icon and its design symbolizes the status.
  • Performance: Apple produces every parts and software for its devices at its own house. As the parts are self-produced, the devices are optimized for performance. When compared to several other devices’ performance, iPhone can easily beat most of the smartphones out there.
  • No bloatware: The apps of the iPhones are minimized for its minimal use. You won’t find any app that is of no use in iPhone, every app has some usage in everyday life and you surely have Appstore to download more apps.
  • App usage across platform: Apple has software like iCloud, iTunes and a few others that are used across platforms, like Macbook,, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can use those apps to create the backup and restore data across the platform.
  • Top class specs: iPhone has always been packed with features and top-class specification. Apple never really releases the specification details but the improvement that they put forward towards the world is astonishing and is the result of years of improvement.
  • Camera: iPhone has some great looking camera in the smartphone world. The picture quality of iPhone is undoubtedly amazing and with the video quality of professional cameras, it is the best phone to have for the multimedia purpose.
  • More reliable sensor: Recently Apple ditched fingerprint sensor for Face ID. It is only possible if you have world class sensors that never fails you. Apple had faith in its sensors to take such a bold move and the sensors of Apple are reliable enough to use as a daily driver.

iPhone Cons

  • Battery life: Apple has some terrible battery life. Even if Apple promises improvement in battery life, it is compared to previous models. There are many other smartphones in the market that provide better battery life then iPhone with a price much cheaper.
  • Overpriced: The Apple devices are highly overpriced compared to what their counterparts, Android has been providing at a much cheaper price. Features might not increase, but the price is sure to increase with the newer releases.
  • Memory: Memory has been the bottleneck for the iPhones. With the memory not so competitive, it is not enough to beat the counterpart Android devices. The most that iPhone provides till date is 4GB RAM while Android with higher specs provides up to 8GB of RAM and even the price is cheaper.
  • Storage: Apple doesn’t provide any extension of storage through any type of SD card. You can survive with less RAM, but with less storage, you will be compelled to buy the costlier version of the iPhone.
  • Less customization: Customization isn’t something that Apple provides its user. You have very little customization option. You can use few software to customize your iPhone to your liking.
  • Poor Third Party Support: Apple has its own ecosystem and has its own app developed for its devices. It doesn’t provide such great integration of third-party application on its devices.

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Conclusion for iPhone Pros and Cons

Hence, these are few of the pros and cons of iPhone. iPhone is a status symbol for high end people. With the price it is available for, it is only suitable for fewer rich people. Even the budget version of the phone is not so budget friendly for people of medium earning to buy the phone. All of this discussion ends with you. Its up to you to decide where you want to spend your hard-earned money. You have the choice to spend your money in the right place. We don’t say that iPhone is a bad device in any sense, it is the most desired device by the huge number of people. But there are many devices out there that provide the most value for the money. The iPad is a great tablet device that is unbeatable by any android devices till now. Android doesn’t seem to work great on bigger screen. Though its usability that counts and android devices are greatly customizable and provide great bang for the money you spend.