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Black Friday Pros and Cons

Black Friday Pros and Cons

Black Friday is an American tradition that has taken over many parts of the world mostly Africa. Black Friday starts its huge sale day on the Friday after Thanksgiving. You can really find good deals of a lifetime, but only after you get through the crowds, the lines and the ruckus. Also, sometimes in a family, it is a yearly tradition to wake up early, suit up and grab a good spot in line outside our favorite stores on Black Friday.

But before doing a shopping haul on Black Friday, it is better to be aware of its pros and cons:

Pros of Black Friday:

  1. The store offers many giveaways
Black Friday Pros and Cons

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There are many giveaways on this day and also there are a variety of ways to win on Black Friday.  The Black Friday has many rewards for store members or store sweepstakes. Also, it offers some prizes for the first 100 people or less standing in the queue outside the stores.

  1. Numerous electronics deals

One of the advantages of Black Friday sales are the best deals for buying electronic appliances. The retailers offer discounts on the latest models of TVs, computers, Apple products, smartphones, and many other appliances. Also, there is a huge discount offer on the goods which have older models.

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  1. A feeling of satisfaction

Buying thing on the list feels great, and when the things are bought at a discounted price when you feel like being in seventh heaven. Many customers wait for Black Friday sales to buy holiday decorations, household products or bulk items for the Christmas party hosting.

Cons of Black Friday:

  1. Wait on a long queue

A downside of the Black Friday sale is that you have to stay in long lines and large crowds. Many people give up on sleep and wake up early to get into early morning lines. One aspect of Black Friday is that shoppers have a good amount of sale the day after Thanksgiving and their profit range is quite high.

  1. Sale items are in less quantity

There are many ads with great deals on the Black Friday sales, but it also has those same goods in limited quantity. The buyers are unaware of the total amount of items are in stock. Or in some store, an item could be 50% off for a particular time.

  1. Promotions may not be such bargains

There may be some ads that may make people drool over it because of its low price but don’t be fooled by it. Over 93% of these ads are same as that of last year and is found that the deals were available throughout the year. There are also some retailers who increase their price just before Black Friday sales making the saving look bigger.

Removing Tonsils Pros and Cons

Removing Tonsils Pros and Cons | Tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomy is the surgical removal of the tonsils, the two lymphatic tissues found in the throat. Tonsils protect the body from infections but often becomes very problematic, especially in children. The most common reason for the tonsillectomy is the recurrent sore throats. It is a fairly simple procedure, but it is the aftermath that causes all the trouble. In children, the tonsil gets sore and painful and can be a large nuisance. Tonsillectomy is the most effective treatment for problems with tonsils. Removing tonsils pros and cons have their own stand.

In the past, doctors used to think that tonsils served no purpose, however recent studies have shown that it is the vital defense system against the infections which enters through throat or nose. Also, there have been studies that show that the benefits of removing tonsils last for a couple of years, so removing them through surgery isn’t the best solution. Some recent research showed that those who had their tonsils removed before the age may be 44% more likely to have a heart attack than those who have not undergone tonsillectomy. It stands similar for the people above 50 years of age.

Pros and Cons of Removing Tonsils

Removing Tonsils Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of removing tonsils are listed below.


  • Pain Relief

Those who have suffered from tonsils know what the pain feels like. The people who have their tonsils removed used to have 3-4 severe sore throats a year which can have a negative impact on daily life and nutrition. The eating and drinking patterns get distorted and destroyed. Upon removing the tonsils, the sore throat as well as the pain stops and aids in the eating and drinking of the patient.

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  • Feel Better

Due to the infection in the throat, the body had to do extra hard work just to fight against the infection and the pain it caused. This process is very unpleasant for the body. Getting your tonsils removed solves the problem and the body feels better and rejoiced.

  • Better breath and taste

The tonsils trap the dead cells and bacteria which often gives bad breath and alters the taste of the foods you eat. A better breath is always welcomed by every individual as they let them live their life happily.

  • Improved sleep

Another advantage to removing tonsil is that many children and adult experience improved sleep. Removing the tonsil often resolves obstructive sleep apnea, which a dangerous condition in which an individual quits breathing during sleep due to obstruction on the throat.


  • Bleeding

Bleeding is a common complication of having a Tonsillectomy. This can be a very serious case if there is excessive blood loss or if the blood cannot be stopped in time. Many major complications might take place due to blood loss like the hypovolemic shock after which the tissues might start dying resulting in person death as well.

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  • Long Recovery

The recovery time for the Tonsillectomy is very lengthy. A very severe sore throat usually lasts for up to two weeks after the surgery. The recovery is slow and lengthy and it surely isn’t a pleasant one.

  • Post-Operative Infection

The bacteria clump to the area were the tonsil used to be, which leads to mild infection. A mild fever may also occur and it may delay the recovery process. The infections after the surgery are very rare to become the serious one, but it has a higher chance that it is sure to occur.

  • Painful Recovery

The recovery is lengthy and very painful one. A severe sore throat lasts for a longer period of time and other injuries to occur as a result of Tonsillectomy. Dental injuries and earaches may also occur due to removing tonsils.


Whether you should or not remove your tonsils will be determined by your medical condition. Speaking to the doctor and talking about all the risks and benefits involved will help you gain a better understanding of whether it is a better choice to have the surgery to find an alternative to your problem.

Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Online dating is quick and easy solution to match making. It has blown up over past few years. An estimated 40 million Americans have taken part in online dating at least once in their life. It is becoming more and more common for people to meet and date online. With the advent of social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and such others, we are busy socializing through interface rather than making relations face to face. Online dating maintains database of large pool of people who had ever signed up for the site with all their information from date of birth to hobbies to likes and dislikes. You have to fill up all the details so your match can be made more precise.

If you are looking for a site that makes your dating easier and enjoyable, then you would better choose the one which asks for more information, makes you fill details about you and requests you to fill in your entire life in details and also run algorithms to increase the likelihood of a good match are going to be very helpful. Since everyone has access to the internet these days, finding someone single in real life is like finding a needle among the bushes. So, online dating is the only option to find someone who is suitable for you.

Online Dating Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Though online dating is the easiest thing that can be done, it definitely isn’t the only thing. True love is difficult to find online. It is easy to fall for fake ones there, waiting just to get the most out of your innocence. Some of the pros and cons of such online dating is given below.

Pros of Online Dating

  • Meeting new people

Being limited to your society and community won’t help you in knowing more people unless you are someone who travels a lot. Based on your profile, you can match up with many potential options and can decide to start conversation with them and start to know them more.

  • Matching with like-minded people

Your profile, the way you have set it up, lets you match up with many like-minded people like you. Finding someone like that in real life is very tedious and likely not possible for many of us.

  • No hidden interest

Meeting someone and trying your chance hitting them is unlikely to happen often. But in the online dating world, people are clear what they are looking for and people engage in the conversations willingly. There is no hidden interest of any party involved, everything is crystal clear and with mutual understanding.

  • Good for reserved personnel

It is good option for the people who are just shy to go and talk with people face to face. Behind the interface of the dating site, you are free to express your feeling without any fear of getting judged by anyone. You can say about yourself and know about anyone through the dating site.

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Cons of Online Dating

Life isn’t always filled with positive signs. There is con to the online dating as well.

  • Fraud

Matching with like minded people is an advantage for the dating site but you never know who is behind the interface. Most of the time boys fake being girl and play with the emotions of boys who truly are into the relation. Sometimes there is also monetary fraud involved.

  • Unnecessary romantic pressure

Talking with someone via dating site for even few days might look like you have known someone for life time and you are ready to get intimate but in reality, it is never like that. No one who just meet someone who has known them for sometime would get ready to engage physically. Few days, even week is not enough to get someone for lifetime. So, dating site provides unnecessary pressure to get romantic right away.

  • Profile is not a mirror for personality

Just looking at the neatly made profile won’t describe how the person is in real life. Profile can easily be made beautiful to attract more and more opposite sex people, but a neat profile won’t describe the physical well-being. It won’t show you how the person is in behavior, you don’t know their personal hygiene or anything else like that. So, you cannot always depend upon the profile to determine how a person is.

  • Limited time Relationship

Online dating is generally termed as sites for quick relationship. They focus on physical relation more which is sure to end sooner or later. People these days get bored of a single person quite fast when their actual need is fulfilled. So, if you are looking for a relation for lifetime then online dating might not be a solution.

Conclusion on Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Online dating has its advantages on its own. You meet new people, share your lifestyle, share your taste and when you feel you have met someone for you, you can go further. But while they have their advantage, it is not free from cons. Everyone doesn’t have a helpful mind, sometimes people like playing with other’s life and they get involved in fraud. So, it is better you first look for the actual nature and authentication of the people.