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Night shift work

Night shift work Pros and Cons

Night shift work holds a vital role in the sustainability of the modern world. Almost every organization has some people working all night to ensure a smooth flow of work. In the meantime, it proves to be beneficial to both the employer and the employees. The employees enjoy a versatile work schedule and the employers have employees on standby for any customer queries. This ensures that the work progresses as per the schedule and it also helps to meet goals within the allocated timeframe.

Similarly, night shift work has become a necessary part of the regular workday in many organizations. Especially, night shift workers like nurses, firefighters, and construction workers, etc. help others sleep in peace by keeping them safe. They are also one of the important workforces keeping the economy moving globally.

Anyone who has worked the night shift before can easily entail its perks and downsides. Some people find night shift work a good decision while others utterly despise it. In short, some of the pros and cons of night shift work are listed hereafter.

Pros of nightshift work

  1. Travelling to and fro from work is easy during the night. Fewer vehicles are running making the commute fairly easy. Furthermore, it helps the employees be on time due to fewer obstacles during the night. Travelling at night can also be an enjoyable experience and increases the morale of the workers.
  2. There are obviously fewer people willing to work during the night shift. Thus the competition is scarce which ensures easy job availability. Furthermore, this also helps in easy promotion as there are fewer candidates. Thus can be a good place for future career development.
  3. It also compensates fairly to the employees. The average pay is higher than people working in other shifts. Various incentives can also be found for the night shift workers to maintain their motivation during the job.
  4. Students can benefit a lot from the flexible work schedule of night shift work. Night shift work can be a viable source of income for the students balancing their studies and work. This can also provide more time for studies than a traditional work schedule.

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Cons of night shift work

  1. Night shift workers have poor health conditions than others. Working the night shift messes with our body’s normal sleep schedules. If left alone, it can be the source of various diseases in the long term.
  2. It also hampers our mental health. Studies show that people working during the night have a higher chance of depression and anxiety. It also increases the chance of mood disorders while working during the night.
  3. The night shift provides a quiet and peaceful work environment to the employees. Hence, this can also be a source of boredom for the employees. A quiet work environment can also lead to drowsiness which can hamper the productivity of the employees.
  4. Night shift workers have difficulty sleeping well. As they are required to stay awake all night long, this can seriously mess up their sleeping habits. Furthermore, they also feel difficulties sleeping during the day as there are a lot of distractions.

As we look at the pros and cons of night shift work, there are mixed perceptions about it. Furthermore, people’s thoughts vary from individual to individual. Here, people should also think about their career goals and the changes that are likely to come before deciding anything. Thus, this work is a viable option for the people who can adapt with ease with provision for potential future growth.