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iPhone Pros and Cons

iPhone Pros and Cons (Advantages and Disadvantages of iPhone)

iPhone has always been the house for innovation and inventions. The trend started by Late. Steve Jobs and his team has been the trend-setter for the mobile industry. Steve always thought of simplicity and innovation though it is obvious that innovation costs money for research. The iPhone devices that Jobs introduced to this world was one of its kind till date. Competing with the rest of the smartphone brand alone, it’s a trillion-dollar company. It had been the second most producing smartphone company for quite a few years. Some of the pros and cons of iPhone we will discuss in this topic further.

With the advancement in technology, the iPhone got taller, thinner and powerful than its previous version. Most of the devices have been following the steps of iPhone. When the iPhone had the cut-out in the display in the latest iPhone X, smartphone companies like One Plus, Huawei, Xiaomi etc. too introduced their version of the notch on their devices. The notch soon got famous. Though Apple isn’t always the first one to introduce any technology in their devices, being the bigger name in the smartphone realm, the trend it sets soon gets a benchmark for most of the companies to beat with the price and technology.

iPhone Pros and Cons

iPhone Pros and Cons

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iPhone is like a golden goose which lays golden eggs, both the price and the feature is like the golden egg. Some of the pros and cons of the iPhone are given below.

iPhone Pros

  • Design: iPhone has the most eye-catching design. The weight to performance ratio of the iPhone is great. We have had some of the great looking iPhones being equally productive. iPhone has been a style icon and its design symbolizes the status.
  • Performance: Apple produces every parts and software for its devices at its own house. As the parts are self-produced, the devices are optimized for performance. When compared to several other devices’ performance, iPhone can easily beat most of the smartphones out there.
  • No bloatware: The apps of the iPhones are minimized for its minimal use. You won’t find any app that is of no use in iPhone, every app has some usage in everyday life and you surely have Appstore to download more apps.
  • App usage across platform: Apple has software like iCloud, iTunes and a few others that are used across platforms, like Macbook,, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can use those apps to create the backup and restore data across the platform.
  • Top class specs: iPhone has always been packed with features and top-class specification. Apple never really releases the specification details but the improvement that they put forward towards the world is astonishing and is the result of years of improvement.
  • Camera: iPhone has some great looking camera in the smartphone world. The picture quality of iPhone is undoubtedly amazing and with the video quality of professional cameras, it is the best phone to have for the multimedia purpose.
  • More reliable sensor: Recently Apple ditched fingerprint sensor for Face ID. It is only possible if you have world class sensors that never fails you. Apple had faith in its sensors to take such a bold move and the sensors of Apple are reliable enough to use as a daily driver.

iPhone Cons

  • Battery life: Apple has some terrible battery life. Even if Apple promises improvement in battery life, it is compared to previous models. There are many other smartphones in the market that provide better battery life then iPhone with a price much cheaper.
  • Overpriced: The Apple devices are highly overpriced compared to what their counterparts, Android has been providing at a much cheaper price. Features might not increase, but the price is sure to increase with the newer releases.
  • Memory: Memory has been the bottleneck for the iPhones. With the memory not so competitive, it is not enough to beat the counterpart Android devices. The most that iPhone provides till date is 4GB RAM while Android with higher specs provides up to 8GB of RAM and even the price is cheaper.
  • Storage: Apple doesn’t provide any extension of storage through any type of SD card. You can survive with less RAM, but with less storage, you will be compelled to buy the costlier version of the iPhone.
  • Less customization: Customization isn’t something that Apple provides its user. You have very little customization option. You can use few software to customize your iPhone to your liking.
  • Poor Third Party Support: Apple has its own ecosystem and has its own app developed for its devices. It doesn’t provide such great integration of third-party application on its devices.

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Conclusion for iPhone Pros and Cons

Hence, these are few of the pros and cons of iPhone. iPhone is a status symbol for high end people. With the price it is available for, it is only suitable for fewer rich people. Even the budget version of the phone is not so budget friendly for people of medium earning to buy the phone. All of this discussion ends with you. Its up to you to decide where you want to spend your hard-earned money. You have the choice to spend your money in the right place. We don’t say that iPhone is a bad device in any sense, it is the most desired device by the huge number of people. But there are many devices out there that provide the most value for the money. The iPad is a great tablet device that is unbeatable by any android devices till now. Android doesn’t seem to work great on bigger screen. Though its usability that counts and android devices are greatly customizable and provide great bang for the money you spend.