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Why Rabbit R1 Won’t Work! The Pros and Cons of Rabbit R1

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Rabbit R1 is a handheld device that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to perform various tasks and actions that you would normally need multiple apps for. It is powered by a Large Action Model (LAM), which can understand complex requests and take action on them, unlike the Large Language Models (LLMs) that are used by most chatbots and voice assistants. For example, the Rabbit R1 can book an Uber, make a restaurant reservation, or order a pizza for you, just by asking it.

Some of the pros and cons of Rabbit R1 are:

Pros of Rabbit R1:

• It is affordable, costing only $199, which is much cheaper than other AI-powered devices, such as the Humane AI pin ($699) and the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses ($299).

• It has a friendly and eye-catching design, with a bright orange color and a rotating camera that can capture photos and videos.

• It can work with many popular apps and services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Expedia, Uber, eBay, and Amazon, without requiring you to download them on the device.

• It can learn from your interactions with your apps and replicate them in its cloud-based environment, making it a personalized and convenient assistant.

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Cons of Rabbit R1:

• It has limited parental control, which does not offer much customization or filtering options for your children’s online safety.

• It scored poorly in a hands-on malware protection test, which suggests that it may not be able to block some real-world attacks.

• It has unusually annoying firewall pop-ups, which may interrupt your browsing and require your attention frequently.

• It does not have many features for macOS users, such as webcam security and online banking protection, which are available for Windows users.

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