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early marriage pros and cons

Early Marriage Pros and Cons

At present, a huge share of females is getting married at an early age. In most of the developing countries like India and few other South Asian countries, it is a common practice. Girls tend to get married even before the legal age of marriage but the government. While it might sound awkward, early marriage has pros and cons as well. Even though there is legal age set for marriage by the government and law, the practice of early marriage exists. Some marriage turns out to be unexpectedly happy and prosperous while we have heard the stories of abuse as well.

The biological clock of our body works differently with a different person. While some of us might be aging in youth, some are younger in old age as well. So early marriage doesn’t always mean abuse in the case of females, it might sometimes turn out to be a blessing in making good understanding and connection with the partner. Some of the early marriage pros and cons are discussed below.

Pros of Early Marriage

early marriage pros and cons

While you might have heard that it is suffering, it can have some good sides as below as well.

  1. No perfect time
    There is really no such thing as the perfect time for marriage. The ages set by law are by the general evaluation over a wide number of populations. It cannot hold for everyone. It is not timed, it can happen cluelessly. Whenever the couple believes they are ready, they really are ready. And if you continue waiting, you might end up losing gems while collecting stones.
  2. No kids pressure
    If you are marrying early, everyone will understand the fact that you are not ready for kids. There will not be any unnecessary pressure on you until you feel comfortable about that. If you decide to have kids, you will be closer to your child as the age difference will be not much and the bonding can cherish as well.
  3. Financially stable
    When you marry young, the first thing you will notice is a sense of responsibility. While you marry late, your children won’t be old enough to take care of you when you retire. Your old age might end up in misery. And the benefit of early marriage is that you can see your child being self-dependent even before you can retire. You will be financially stable then.
  4. Understanding and Tolerant
    A marriage done in rush or just because you are getting old will leave you in the situation of compromise. Marrying young will give you enough time to make the understanding and bonding right for the long run.
  5. Being responsible
    A sense of responsibility is established with early marriage. Girls can take their time to learn household works and make good wives and daughter-in-law out of themselves. While it applies for boys as well deciding their way to maturity.

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Cons of Early Marriage

  1. Lack of Understanding
    While early marriage gives you enough time to make bonding right, it is helpful only when both of you have that sense of understanding. Trying to create understanding with unmatched thoughts might end up as a disaster.
  2. Compatibility issue
    It is hard to decide the compatibility at an early age. Whatever you thought was true love, can end up being a simple attraction. Not knowing what your preferences are will leave you startled, making the bonding hard to create.
  3. Higher Risk of Miscarriage
    There is a much higher risk of miscarriage at an early age. Girls have not gathered that much strength and understanding of how things work. This might end up taking both child and mother’s life in the worst case.
  4. Incomplete education
    You might be destroying the bright future of the girl child with early marriage. Making her to marriage at an early age, you are crushing her dreams to become a successful individual. Promote girl’s education, not crush them.
  5. Financial Insecurity
    Boys cannot well settle who marry at an early age. Well, he definitely knows he needs to earn to look after his family, but he probably hasn’t seen this world much to understand how everything works. This might create unnecessary pressure on the boy pushing him on the negative path.


These are a few of early marriage’s pros and cons. There is the involvement of two individuals in it. So, you have to make both of them agree. Both of them have a family to make happy. Don’t make unnecessary compromises, rather give appropriate time so that things can settle well. Marriage is a noble deed, be a wise individual to make any decision. So think about the Early Marriage Pros and Cons before taking action.