Pros and Cons of Zoos

Pros and Cons of Zoos | Zoo Advantages, Disadvantages

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Zoos also called “animal parks,” “menageries,” or “zoological gardens”. It is a place where visitors have the chance to view animals. Zoos have been providing people an opportunity to learn more about animals and nature. Also, it has been a way to engage children in science. It brings families together. As well as it helps to save certain animal species that are close to extinction. Zoos consider being fair places for animals although we cannot judge books by its cover. So here we will discuss the pros and cons of Zoos.

The pros and cons of zoos are important to consider from a modern standpoint. They are:

Pros of Zoos

  1. Benefits to animals

One of the major advantages of the zoo is that it is beneficial to animals. They will receive proper nutrition and medical care for injuries. Also, the zookeepers and staff provide supervision of animals. They help them in the event of emergencies.

  1. Education and research opportunities

Zoos allow an opportunity for children and adults to observe wild animals closely. The researchers and scientists can perform studies properly with exotic and large animals secured in enclosures. They can understand the way animals work.

  1. It helps in animal survival.

In the dense forest, only some animals would have survived, but the life of many is in danger. Poachers still hunt endangered animals for their skins, bones and other by-products. Also, some animals have a difficult time surviving in the wild by themselves. It is due to pollution, destruction of their habitats, and high level of competition for food, over-predation, and other unfortunate reasons.

  1. Helpful conservation programs under strict regulations.

Different breeding programs are implemented so as to preserve animals that have decreased in number. It is a good way to prevent the extinction of some species. Also, other NGOs and INGOs set strict regulations on zoos. They attend regular check-ups on resident animals and rigid procedures to acquire new ones.

  1. Safety and security for animals

Zoos provide shelter and security for animals. There is also a chance for people to learn more about some animals that they would not have a chance to otherwise.


Cons of Zoos

  1. Several risks that particularly affect animals.

There are many difficulties that come with keeping animals in zoos. A particular place is confined. And they cannot roam freely around. Also, there may appear problems for animals that need to migrate and move around a lot. Like elephants normally travel long distances in groups, and by confining them into smaller spaces. It definitely goes against their migratory nature. Also, for carnivorous animals, they cannot hunt which makes them more aggressive.

  1. Changes in natural animal behaviors

An animal that is captured and is kept around bars. It tends to develop behavioral problems causing concern for the overall well-being of all the resident animals.

  1. Zoos are seen as places for human amusement.

Zoos are taken as a place to preserve animals. But the animals are captured and placed in captivity for the sole purpose of human amusement. Thus, many anti-zoo campaigns are being organized these days.

  1. The financial struggle during zoo establishments

One of the disadvantages is the high cost of maintaining the resident animals. And if the renovation is not done properly, a zoo would usually close down. Then, the animals are usually divided into other zoos or animal rescues. Animals also get sold off to cover the debts the affected zoo might have incurred. Everyone has a chance.

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  2. Luke Smith

    It’s great that you mentioned how zoos could allow an opportunity for children and adults to observe wild animals closely. It seems our daughter is quite interested in animals, so we are thinking it would be good for her if we bring her to a zoo. So, my wife and I are planning to visit a drive thru zoo with our daughter next week.


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