Pros and Cons of WeChat

Pros and Cons of WeChat

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Owned by the Chinese company Tencent, WeChat is one of the most popular social messaging apps around the world. WeChat works similar to other messaging apps like Facebook messenger or WhatsApp allowing users to send or receive instant messages. Other than that it also allows audio and video calls. You can share files and documents through it too. You can download WeChat in many app stores and install it on your device. There are WeChat apps for the smartphone as well as for computers with different operating systems. So, let learn the Pros and Cons of WeChat here.

Opening a WeChat account:

Unlike many other social messaging platforms, creating an account might be a bit tricky. You need more than a username and password. You must be verified by someone who already has an account. It is done by scanning QR codes by other accounts.

Here are steps about getting started in WeChat:

1. Download the application.
2. Sign up using your Apple ID/ Google Account/ Facebook account/ phone number
3. Set your username and password with your avatar.
4. Agree to its terms and policy
5. Solve the puzzle and then it gives a QR code
6. Scan the QR using your friend account and once verified it will send you a verification code using your number

Now, you are eligible to add friends and enjoy the services of WeChat.

Here are some Pros and Cons of WeChat:


1. Absolutely free:

Using WeChat is free and does not cost you anything. It means it will offer all of its services to users as long as it connects to the internet. This is one of the reasons that it has hundreds of millions of active users daily.

2. File sharing is easier:

WeChat makes file sharing a lot easier. You can send or receive documents up to 100Mb. It supports PDF, Slideshows, and other file extensions.

3. WeChat pay:

WeChat offers users a service of Virtual wallets called WeChat Pay. It is a quick and effective way of making payments instead of cash. Users can pay by first scanning the QR code, confirm the amount, and pay after confirming the password from the payer. It is a quick and effective form of transaction. In addition, it is secure too. WeChat now also allows non-Chinese to use its service.

4. Added features:

Just as another similar application WeChat allows the basic messaging feature. Other than that there is a feature called “Moments” where users can share their stories and status with their friends. Aside from these you can share your location with your friends and play mini-games with them.

Now we got some of the good points so let’s talk about its cons.

Cons of WeChat:

1. Privacy issue:

Tencent can access all our privacy. In addition, Tencent also collaborates with the Chinese government. Hence, it is safe to say that the government is keeping tabs on your activities through WeChat. But you should also take note that you agreed to its polity while creating a WeChat account.

2. Security concern:

WeChat does not use end-to-end encryption techniques to share messages. Hence, it is possible that your message can be seen by a third party or probably misuses it.

In conclusion, we can say that WeChat is an interesting application. In terms of some services, it is even better than most existing social messaging applications. Also, it is more engaging and fun. It definitely will be more popular outside China if used by even a small group of people. So, these are the Pros and Cons of WeChat.

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