pros and cons of virtual schools

Pros and Cons of Virtual Schools

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Virtual schooling also known as cyber-school is a school where the student learns from online education program mimicking the benefits of attending a physical one. It is done through a company that is acting as the school which provides curriculum, the web interface and teachers to work with students. Virtual school provide similar environment of physical school like live classroom instruction, tests, exercises, and learning materials. If you are thinking to take virtual schooling as an educational resource for yourself or your family, then below are the pros and cons of virtual schools.

Pros of Virtual Schools

  1. Flexible Schedule

Virtual schools are similar to homeschooling option in many ways.  The virtual school year starts around the same time as the public school but you can set your own schedule for your student. Though there are specific in-person class times which must be done, many tasks should be completed on the schedule with other responsibilities. You can complete you work anytime until and unless you meet the deadline.

  1. Affordable

Virtual schools are often part of the public education system in the US. You get the education for free similar to your assigned public school. There are all the equipment that a family should purchase like the computer and any additional school supplies. However, all books, curriculum and general supplies that you need in a classroom are shipped directly to your home or available for pickup from your local district office.
pros and cons of virtual schools

  1. Teachers are the Mentors

Even though a teacher is teaching through the computer instead of in a classroom, it doesn’t mean that mentoring relationship disappears. Many teachers of virtual schools are caring and supportive towards their students and also they encourage them by providing them great ideas.

  1. Schoolwork completes faster than Physical School

In public schools, students attend a physical classroom for about 6 hours per day. There is additional one hour of riding the bus each way for rural students. And another 1-2 hours of homework per night for high school students. Hence, the entire day of the student is consumed by the school only. Studying in a virtual school will let you complete the work in about half the time. And you will have very less home works. Among the pros and cons of virtual schools, this pro works in favor of many students.

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Cons of Virtual Schools

  1. Must be Disciplined

Though there are no deadlines for schoolwork, it is must that you need to complete the given task in time before the start of the next grade. If you procrastinate for long, it can take very long time to get through the various requirements to finish everything on time.

  1. Social Interaction

Virtual schools limit the social interaction of the students like making friends and socializing with their peers. Some virtual schools offer meet up opportunities for field trips and get-together activities so that student can socialize more.

  1. Kid is at home all the time.

Each member of the family needs to spend some time away from one another and have time of their own. But the responsibilities involved in virtual schooling make it difficult for the parents to get some leisure time.

  1. Screen Time

Virtual school increases the amount of screen time of a student every day. A virtual school may provide very less opportunities for a student. Specially for who struggle to sleep or who need to learn independently.


Every child is different and every family had its own needs. With the responsibility and dedication to the work, the virtual school offer independence and flexibility. It may be difficult for some students but it is very good experience for some. These are few of the pros and cons of virtual schools. Comment down below if you have any difficulty.


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