Pros and Cons of Verizon Fios

Pros and Cons of Verizon Fios

Fios is the shorter term for Fiber Optic Service. The Verizon Fios is the service provided by Verizon. It is simply called Fios by Verizon. It is combined with internet service, television service, and telephone service. Fios uses fiber cables which are like hundreds of small hair-like strands of glass. These glasses use light to carry data to your devices. Here the light is used as a carrier, as the result, the speed of the transfer is greatly increased. It helps in smoother internet browsing and stable connection. Verizon Fios uses fiber optic cable as well. So, it is able to carry more data at a faster speed. Verizon Fios is the signature product that provides internet, television services, and telephone service. These services are sold as double or triple pay plans. Here are some of the few things you should know if you are new to this topic. Hopefully, it helps if you are switching to a Verizon Fios internet plan. So, let’s see the Pros and Cons of Verizon Fios:


1. Faster and stable internet:

If you want speed and stability in your internet then Verizon Fios internet may be the answer. For speed, there are few plans by the Fios. The plan has a speed range from 100/100 Mbps to 940/800 Mbps. And the speed is not just there for advertisement. They deliver their promises.

2. Unlimited data plan for clients:

Unlike other data plans where the limit is 1TB, Verizon offers unlimited data plans. This means you do not have to keep track of your data plan. As a result, you can play or stream and download as many HD movies as you want.

3. Very stable TV:

Verizon Fios’s TV uses the Fiber Optic cable as well. Since it uses fiber, the TV service is not affected by any type of weather. You can watch your TV shows and games without any kind of interruption.

4. Very good customer service:

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Verizon is the highest-ranked provider.
Hence, it is proof of very good quality service among its many users

5. Good deals with a bonus:

The deals provided by Verizon are great. They provide options for double and triple pay. Also, they will compensate you up to $500 if you are switching from another provider. So, it becomes a lot easier to switch.

So, we get to know the good stuff. What about its drawbacks? Here are some of them.

Cons of Verizon Fios:

1. Limited area of services:

The area of service provided by Verizon Fios is limited. It is available to very few states currently. So you have to check its services near you. Hence, for those outside the coverage area, you won’t be able to enjoy its services.

2. Pricier than other service providers:

Compared to similar other types of services provider like Verizon Fios, it is a bit costly.
The equipment that comes with Verizon is also a bit expensive. Hence the price.

In conclusion, those who are in the coverage areas should once try the Verizon Fios. It even gives you up to $500 to switch to their network. So you have to worry less about the cost and the cancellation fee. It provides unlimited data and great services and facilities. Because of this, it is great for both home and office. So, it is definitely worth a try, if you are planning to switch to the new one. Overall, these are the Pros and Cons of Verizon Fios’ internet service.

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