Pros and Cons of using Gimbals

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With the development of other industries, the videography industry is getting bigger, newer and better too. There days Smartphone or digital camera is overruled by DSLR cameras.  And the tool which brings a huge difference to the videos is concerned is the Gimbal. Popular options include the DSLR and GoPro gimbals. Though, there are certain pros and cons of using the gimbals.

Gimbals are simple handheld tool that is used to stabilize the camera when shooting a documentary video or movies. Basically, Gimbals use simple technologies to balance the weight of your digital camera which eliminates shakiness while guaranteeing smooth shots. Below are some of the pros and cons of using gimbals that will help you make a good decision whether to buy the it or not.

pros and cons of using gimbals

Pros of using Gimbals

  1. Flexible

Gimbals are usually designed to help you shoot the videos easily and steadily. Like the GoPro handheld gimbals often come in wearable options which mean that you can shoot whenever you are biking or swimming. Besides these, the gimbals are compatible with a majority of Smartphone.

  1. Stability

Stabilizing the cameras is the major duty of gimbals. Whenever you hold a digital camera with your bare hands, the videos recorded are not stabilized interfering with the quality of the videos. However, the gimbals will make sure that there are no vibrations and gives you smooth video shots.

  1. Portable

The gimbals are very light. With being light-weight, you can easily carry the tool easily anywhere. This makes the journey easier when you have to carry the gimbals over a long distance when taking videos in the outdoors.

  1. Ease of Use

Many gimbals are built for easy usage. They do not require much calibration and are easy to set up. Therefore, you don’t have to be a professional user to use gimbals and take your daily shoots.

  1. Slow-motion shooting

To shoot smooth videos in a slow-motion way or change the focus, you have to use gimbals. This tool helps you to switch between points of focus momentarily in a flexible way with coverage of all the necessary details in the shots.

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Cons of using Gimbal

  1. Weight restrictions

There may be some gimbals in the market which cannot hold the standard digital cameras. Some are just made to support the Smartphone and light cameras.. So, you are highly advisable to match the Gimbal that you buy with your camera weight and don’t just buy any available.

  1. Not distinct

You can’t spy or shoot somewhere you don’t have a specific permission with a Gimbal. When shooting using a Gimbal, it is not easy to hide what you are doing and public will easily know what you are doing. Since many people have no idea what gimbals are, they gain a lot of attention when shooting.

  1. Can be time-consuming

If you have to switch the camera lens often to change the focus, it may take your time. You need to recalibrate to the gimbals every time you want to switch over your lens in a bid to capture a wide shot.  This may make you miss the opportunity of you taking some valuable shots.

Hence, these are few of the pros and cons of using the gimbals. Its your personal preference at the end to use or not use one of these. And some of the gimbals are expensive enough to buy a second camera at that price.

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