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Traditional of conventional education or school is a kind of system where the education is carried out involving children being provided education through the face-to-face interaction of a daily basis between teacher and student. Many students are taught the same subject at the same time every day. The evaluation of students is done through a grading system to check the students’ IQ. On achieving good grades, the student is promoted to the next level and often referred to as next grade.

The modern education isn’t that different from the traditional one, but through the digitization process, an education system to is digitized and up on shuttle changes made, it has somehow eased the process of taking education. Though development is always incremental, it sometimes makes us leave something behind as well. Though traditional school might seem outdated and old-school, it definitely has some pros and cons to it. It is in some sense better than modern school, while lacking some features behind. While many factors are to be considered for choosing the school, it’s a wiser thought to not only look at the educational program but also at the social atmosphere and other support services.

Traditional School Pros and Cons

Traditional School Pros and Cons

While looking at just the differences isn’t enough, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the traditional school.


  • Organized
    Having the traditional school makes you have a well-organized routine for your daily activity. Everything is preplanned and organized, not only the educational part but also the extra-curricular part.
  • Discipline and punctuality
    Getting up on time, having a certain time for everything separated as a schedule, everything sorted and planned not only school time, but also the time before and after school. It is the thing that makes us disciplined and punctual towards whatever we do in our life.
  • Participation
    While attending the traditional school, everyone who participates in the school has to follow same rules and regulation, everyone is offered the same kind of treatment regardless of whatever race, religion, class or status they might belong to. It gives a sense of equality for everyone.
  • Face to face learning
    Traditional schools let you have fun and learn at same time face to face with their teachers and peers. This helps build a sense of relationship with friends and teacher. This also gives a chance to clear any doubt which can trouble while learning on your own.
  • Competitiveness
    Traditional school lets you have a sense of competitiveness which compels you to excel further on achieving better grades and improve the quality of knowledge you have. Competition encourages you and makes you keen to get better than others and get the best out of yourself.
  • Recognition
    Having learned through the traditional schools give you higher value to your education than any other institution anywhere in the world. The degree you get from the school acts as proof that you have learned enough and provides a showcase to your knowledge.
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  • Expenses
    Traditional schools are expensive compared to any other educational institution. It isn’t just the cost of achieving the education that accounts, but the combined cost of facilities, extra-curricular, the value of the school etc. It gets quite expensive altogether and becomes very difficult to take part in for tightly budgeted families.
  • General education
    Generalized education is very essential to learn the basics of life. But it isn’t the case for some extraordinary personality who want to excel in life in a particular direction. Some might have a particular interest in a certain subject and have made their mind in making that their career. For such people, learning everything else isn’t that interesting and not so important practically as well.
  • Passive learners
    If you have been taught a certain subject by a specific teacher, the teacher alone becomes your primary source of knowledge. You become dependent upon the teacher for knowledge and don’t provide much effort upon doing researches on their own. This makes them passive and dull and kills the creativity of them.
  • Extent of information
    Anything you learn is limited to the books and the information your teacher comes up for you. The books are the same for many years. Only some changes are made once in a while. Learning the same thing in and out every now and then isn’t the best of information you can get. It is limited as compared to the likes of online learning.
  • Learning capacity
    Not every individual has the same learning capacity. They don’t even learn the same way they are taught. Everyone has their own learning capacity and ways of learning. So, teaching the same thing to a mass of different natured individuals, in the same way, isn’t efficient neither effective all the time.
  • Evaluation system
    The evaluation system isn’t great because they test your memorizing power, not your ability, and your knowledge. You get evaluated for what you learn in class along with all other students, not what you have achieved through the information and knowledge that you have accumulated through the time of your life.

Conclusion on the Pros and Cons of Traditional School

If we are able to have a system which can fill the gaps in the traditional schools along with the likes of the traditional education system, it would be the ideal education system. Many aspects of traditional school were ideal for the successful lifestyle while some limited the ways and the extent of education they could have possibly achieved. So, it leads to a conclusion that if we can put more emphasis on the students and their needs, it would be ideal education system for every student out there who want to achieve something special and specific in their life.