Snapchat is a social media platform where users can send or receive a short and temporary message through text, images, or videos. Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat can also feature as a business model where users can directly advertise their product to the customer without a middle man. There is a growing trend in Snapchat’s business model lately. The business model in Snapchat does not require much. Mostly it only requires is creating a Snapchat business account under the company’s name and creating a circle of consumers then you can directly start advertising your products to them. Besides, the advertisement on Snapchat can be created with filters and with various geotags to broaden the reach of customers. Here let the interest begin with the discussion what are the Pros and Cons of the Snapchat Business. But before that, let us learn how to start with the Snapchat business.

How can you get started in Snapchat Business?

You first have to download the app on your smartphone then create your Snapchat account. Choose a reasonable username, email address and begin adding the friends by searching or through your contact list. After that, you have to create an account with Ads Manager by putting your Snapchat business account name and selecting the country of your business. After that specify a payment method and edit stuff related to your business.

Let us discuss the Pros and Cons of the Snapchat Business:

Pros of Snapchat Business:

1. Enormous audience:

There are daily users estimated as over 100 million that use Snapchat. And among them, most of the users are below 34 years of. This means your business is getting a large amount of young audience. This creates a brand presence among the millions of users of Snapchat. This kind of Snapchat marketing is effective to broaden the consumer market.

2. Geofilters are embedded within the app:

Within Snapchat, you can snap a photo and add a custom filter to it offered by the app. The interest begins with your own design to photo. The filters can be location-specific and allow you filters that are only available to a specific area. So other people when reaching the same location can use the same filter which creates a brand image.


3. Advertisement is more effective:

The length of videos in Snapchat is only 10 seconds and they are removed after 24 hours after being shared. This means that add won’t take too long and consumers will remain engaged. Also, it can still be used later in other ways. And due to its length, the time taken to create is reduced.

4. Cost for advertisement are minimum:

As the content of the videos are only 10 seconds and can be created with a smartphone, the cost of an advertisement is minimum and can be done manually. So for small businesses or those which have just started this is a great positive point for their business expansion. All they have to do is create is a company Snapchat account.

Cons of Snapchat:

1. Limited time:

As already stated the time for each advertisement is only 24 hours which is not enough. In 24 hours the audience it may reach may not be enough.

2. Videos can be only viewed vertically:

For video advertising, your product may sometimes be at best if videos were taken horizontally. But unfortunately, videos on Snapchat can only be viewed vertically.

3. No share option:

Unlike other social media where you can share posts, Snapchat has no such features. So posts can only be screenshots and posted through other accounts.

Our final thoughts:

We believe that Snapchat is a great platform to increase your business area and reach out to customers. Also, there are pretty great examples of people having success through it too. However, many influencers in Snapchat have great success in gathering great audiences too. So if you are thinking of starting the Snapchat business we might recommend doing so if you find a lot of people around you using the application. So, these are the Pros and Cons of the Snapchat Business.