Pros and Cons of the Influenza Vaccine

Pros and Cons of the Influenza Vaccine

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Influenza vaccine or commonly known as flu shots is a vaccine to provide immunity towards flu viruses. All people 6 months and older are needed or recommended to get their flu vaccine regardless of their gender. It is especially important to people who might have respiratory complications if they are ill. So flu shots prevent those complications for you and certainly might help you to stay healthy.
Here we will talk about the Pros and Cons of the Influenza Vaccine. Before we reach there here are some things you might need to know about the vaccine.

Who are eligible for the vaccine?

Any nearby hospitals and clinics will allow vaccination to anyone from 6 months and older. You are still requiring for a flu shot even if you feel healthy.

How many times do you need to get shots?

Generally, you need to get vaccinated once every year. The vaccine lasts around 6 months so one needs to get vaccinated every year before the flu season arrives.

When to get flu shots?

Since the immunity lasts around 6 months we recommend you get your shots before the flu season starts. And it takes around 2 weeks before the vaccine starts working so generally you should take your shot in September or October.

What kind of vaccine should you get?

We recommend you to get a Quadrivalent Flu Vaccine. It allows your body immunity against 4 different types of viruses. For example, the Fluzone Quadrivalent vaccine protects you against two Influenza A and two influenza B viruses.

Where you can get Influenza Vaccine?

You can get your vaccine in any nearby hospitals or clinics. You can also get your flu shots at CVS after making the appointment.

What is the price of the vaccine?

The vaccine price ranges from $19,99 to $66.99 for a senior dose. Of course, it may vary from one pharmacy to another.

Now, we go to the pros and cons of the influenza vaccine:

Pros of Influenza Vaccine:

1. Safe for people of all ages:

Flu shots are very safe and for many years the use of vaccines has millions of users who have got immunity without any complications. People rarely have serious complications after they get flu shots
2. Minimize the risk of complications:

With the vaccine, many people are prevented from going to doctors every year and this process also reduces the risk of future complications that comes with it.

3. Lowers the risk of spread of diseases:

By getting flu shots people get immune so they don’t easily get flu. As a result flu as a viral disease does not get much chance for spreading among the masses.


1. Takes a long time to get effective:

Flu shots generally take around 2 weeks to get an effect which is a very long time if you have to go to crowded places every day. 2 weeks, in general, is very long it especially if it is peak flu season which increases the risk

2. Shots are not effective enough:

Around about half the flu shots are found to be effective to create immunity in the human body. That means half of the people are getting the shots for is getting nothing.

3. Mild side effects:

There are some side effects to some people. The side effect may generally come in form of mild fever, redness, or pain at the injection site. The effect may last up to a couple of days.

Final Verdict:

Well, the prevention of influenza is the best practice for being caught. However, if there is the best practice after the disease is the vaccine. So, before applying the vaccine you had learned the Pros and Cons of the Influenza Vaccine.

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