Pros and Cons of Texting

Pros and Cons of Texting

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These days texting has become the major part of virtual communication as all man are social animal. Today with the invention of mobile phones and many other tech device, there has been a ton of ways to communicate but texting has become a common method for it as it has a simplistic nature and is very easy to use. With these features many people are attracted to this popular mode of communication. Like any other communication, texting too has its own pros and cons:

Pros of Texting

Pros and Cons of Texting

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  • Texting is the medium of communication which gives an immediate response through the mobile phone. It makes a conversation more convenient as all the users expect an immediate response.
  • The texts written can be stored in different medium i.e., the devices or on a database that so that it can be kept for future reference.
  • There involves no rules when texting a person. For a person, s/he can type anything and can be sent till the message is understood by the receiver.
  • The texting is a feature that is found in all tech devices. Therefore, it is available for anyone who wants to use it as it very versatile and easy to use.
  • Man is a social animal. Texting is one of the frequently used methods for communication by people who owns a mobile device as it is a easy way to reach anyone.
  • As it is available all over the world, a person can text to another person living far away from each other.
  • Texting requires no official vocabulary or grammatical sentence. Until and unless it is understood by the receiver it is okay.

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Cons of Texting

  • You need to pay attention on the phone whenever you are texting. So, try not to text when you are driving as it may distract you from the road and cause major accidents.
  • People tend to spend a lot of texting each other which may also last for whole night. Texting deprives sleep of people and affect an individual’s sleeping patterns.
  • Sometimes, there is limit for words that a message should contain. Also, it may limit the information that can be conveyed through this platform.
  • As non-standard vocabulary is used when texting, this may erode one’s language skills and promote poor language skills.
  • Many people consider texting rude when the text received contains short forms or the responds come in a single letter or word.
  • People mostly teenagers; tend to have less interaction with the family as they are spending most of their time texting to their friends.

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