pros and cons of synthetic oil

Pros and Cons of Synthetic Oil

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Synthetic oil these days has grown in popularity as an alternative for the conventional motor oil. Synthetic oil is the oil that is extracted from alcohol or natural gas with no any adverse contaminant. Using the synthetic oil in the motor car reduces the dependency of an individual on imported petroleum crude oil saving the environment by reducing the reliance on natural resources.We will discuss the pros and cons of synthetic oil in this particular post.

The synthetic oil moreover can adjust to various temperatures as it does not solidify in cold weather or melt under high temperatures. Below listed are few pros and cons of synthetic oil for better understandings.

pros and cons of synthetic oil

Pros of Synthetic Oil

  1. Temperature Resistant:

In comparison to standard motor oil, synthetic oil is much better at resisting damage and also performs well under both high and low temperature. The oil is very less likely to thin out or causing damage to the engine when the oil heats up on a very hot day or when the engine operates for long period of time. And also, it is also very likely to freeze in a cold temperature or when the car has been sitting for a decent period of time. Ignoring the temperature resistance, the vehicle operates smoothly throughout in any kind of weather.

  1. Buildup Resistance

Synthetic oil is considered to be better at resisting the buildup of sludge or any other semisolid substances that may build up through driving. The oil is continuously processed through the parts of the vehicle and when driving it tends to pick up small pieces of debris and other items causing the loss of  its viscosity and to change in texture.

  1. Lubrication Capabilities

Since the synthetic oil is pure than the other motor oils. It can be a better option to use as lubricant in the engine parts. There is less engine meltdowns and often it work for longer period of time than the usage of motor oils.

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Cons of Synthetic Oil

  1. High Price

Synthetic oil is extracted from alcohol or natural gas. Because of this, it is couple of times more expensive than the petroleum based ones. The price is one of the disadvantages of this oil.

However, this oil takes better care of the engine by increasing its lifespan, and improves fuel economy.

  1. High Risk for Old Cars

For those vehicles that are from 1990’s, using synthetic oil may prove to be harmful. This oil cleans out sludge which melt the deposits which is sealing of those old automobiles. It may result in the leakage of the oil, damaging the engine.

Ignoring the price, the synthetic oil is quite beneficial comparing its pros and cons. And, even for the price, considering the long-term benefits of the synthetic oil, the cost seems reasonable.

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