Pros and Cons of Public School

Pros and Cons of Public School

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Everyone has got their right to study from their government, as a human and as a social being. Everyone is concerned with their studies and future. Education is an essential part of life. The basic needs used to be food, cloth, and shelter as these were sufficient to sustain life in earlier days. The only need was to be mature enough to work for ourselves and have an understanding of how things work in this world. As of today, schooling has been a part of basic needs apart from food, cloth, and shelter. A need to stand different is very important these days as only skills aren’t valued much, an academic certificate apart from the skill is what sets best from rest.

As of United States, every child is obliged to go to the school, there is no other way around. By the law itself, the schooling period is set between 5 and 16 years. Parents too are made to ensure that their child is attending the schooling between that period of time. Most of the parents having an ordinary lifestyle will choose public school for their child while some parents with a sophisticated lifestyle will choose some private school with higher facilities or decide to have a homeschool for their child. Private or public, the main purpose is to have the child complete their schooling.

Public School Pros and Cons

Public School Pros and Cons

Private or public or even the homeschool, each of them has their own set of challenges. We might argue that one is better than the rest, but the truth is that the comparison factor is dependent upon the quality if education and the charges they put upon the parents. A quality education with affordable cost will definitely outcast all other systems while high charge with trash like education is good for nothing. Here are a few of the pros and cons of public school.


  • It is free for students in many countries, funded by the state government while some other countries might charge but very minimum.
  • If a child requires transportation, the school is made to provide the child with a transportation facility.
  • As the funding is done by the state government, the teachers are to have some level of qualification set by the government.
  • Depending upon the level of facilities, you can get involved in many activities like club, sports, arts and all these are funded by the government.
  • Some physically challenged ones are often provided with services from public schools at no cost according to several plans from the government for the challenged ones.
  • Public schools have students from many races, community, culture or income, all sharing the same classroom which creates a sense of diversity.
  • Academic opportunities like advanced classes, priority in job opportunities etc. are provided to the students of public school more often than the other students from some other schooling system.

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  • Large class sizes are sometimes a disadvantage as due to limited funding from the government, the infrastructure is limited. The number of students have share same classroom with lack of one on one guidance.
  • Due to a reduction in the funding, many other classes like music, arts, and similar ones are removed from the school limiting the student’s involvement in multiple activities.
  • Due to the increasing emphasis on grading rather than knowledge, students are treated as learning machine who are just taught to produce results, public schools too are made to teach students to increase grades, not their level of knowledge and interest.
  • With limited funding, the students increase in number and on the other hand the ratio of teacher per students decreases which creates an imbalance. This leaves a gap between the understanding of a teacher of their student and often many students are left unchecked of their talents.
  • Bullying is something that many of the public schooled students to have to face while attending higher education. They are often ill-treated by fellow students and misjudged by many teachers of their ability and capability.


The only thing that matters is what you achieved, not where you achieved that. May it be a public school or private school, students learning capability is no different, every one is taught the same with some difference int eh teaching method. Students are like wet clay, we just need to shape them right, the methods might be different, but the end goal is to get the best out of them. Choose wisely while deciding for the schools as the costliest ones might not teach you something that you might get to learn every day from the public schools, and that is to survive every day being challenged in every means.

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