Pros and Cons of Physical Education

Pros and Cons of Physical Education | Advantages and Disadvantages of Physical Education

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With academic education, physical education is also a must for the growth and development of a child. Though there may arise many discussions whether to make it a part of school curricular or not, everybody knows that P.E. is a must for a child. Listed below are a few pros and cons of Physical Education.

Pros and Cons of Physical Education are separated below:

Pros of Physical Education:

  1. Healthy Student

With physical Education involves in their day-to-day life, the student tends to be healthy. A lot of exercises and sport student plays during the P.E. helps in burning down calories and be free from different lifestyle diseases.

  1. Fun to do physical activities

Studying for the whole day makes the life boring of a student. With all the physical activities associated with Physical Education, it is quite a fun experience to do it.

  1. Raise the inner talent

Some children may not be interested in academics but more in games and sports.  Physical Education can be a platform to bring out the inborn talent which in future can turn out to be a career for the student.

  1. Refreshment

Physical Education takes place outside of the classroom which breaks the monotony of the routine that is class work and gives a feeling of refreshment to the students.

Cons of Physical Education

  1. Uneven Results

Physical education as a class is either too easy or too difficult for a student depending on how athletic they were as kids. Also, for some it may be PE can be a very scary and intimidating class. Coaches tend to prioritize the athletic child and non-athletic kids are either ignored or even worse, singled out. Also, they are bullied making the children not wanting to attend the PE class or sports.

  1. Interference with Academic Courseload

The school time is fixed for the students. Thus, the physical education class is taken as an interfering process that takes away the time which can be utilized for academic coursed. There are many contents that need to be covered in different subjects and every minute of this time should be earmarked for the academics. Hence, PE is often targeted when extra-classes is needed because it is not considered a core academic subject.

  1. Lack of Choice

Many kids do not take part P.E. because of their interest. Instead, they are part of it because it is made mandatory in school premises. Especially the introvert students, who don’t prefer to perform makes them hate the word exercise. Thus is advised schools should allow students to have some choice in P.E. activities to avoid making exercise seem like a hated necessity, rather than healthy and fun.

  1. Expense

Everything that is implemented in education comes with a cost. Also, the cost of holding P.E. classes comes with the expenses that need to be paid by the parents of each student. The cost and maintenance of equipment, cost of the teacher, plus the upkeep of a huge gym, should be the money that’s better spent on hiring best academic instructors and other technologies.

So these were the pros and cons of physical education. Feel free to ask us any topic, we will prepare a blog post on that for you.

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