Online School Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Online Schools

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With the advancement of technology, the popularity of online schools has grown over several years. The online schools are a new accessible option as alternative traditional colleges and universities. Online schools are constantly evolving and both the teachers and students are being used to the navigation of online courses, and programs and are trying to bring further improvement in this subject. Like any other things, online schools too, have their own advantage and consequences. Though students gain knowledge equivalent to campus-based education, their particular learning style is not compatible with the structure of campus-based school. Listed below are a few other pros and consequences of online school for better knowledge.
Pros and Cons of Online Schools

Pros of Online Schools

  1. Availability
There is a wide availability of online schools being established each year. As there are many schools to pursue an online degree, a student can research for best schools that suit their educational needs and desires. There are different online degree program that offers certificates, online associates, bachelors, or masters degree.
  • Time flexibility
Online courses tend to be convenient because students can anytime log into the course material whenever they have free time. Though you can log in the course anytime, you have strict deadlines regarding assignments and discussions that students need to complete. This is particularly for those also juggling a career and family.
  • Multi-media presentations
There are some online schools that use different media sources, such as CD/DVD’s and a Web Cam, to teach lessons and help students in completing their assignments.
  • Location flexibility
The students can these days take the online classes from different state or country without leaving the comfort of their own home. As there are students from all around the world, there is an increase in diversity among students. [ Further Reading ] Pros and Cons of Charter Schools

Cons of Online Schools

  1. Very less interaction with an instructor
The instructors of online schools have a small role in teaching their students as they guide their students with the help of pre-written or pre-recorded course material, rather than teach it. Campus-based schools have interaction with professors, class discussions and feedback on assignments. So, the students who love to interact and socialize may face difficulties with the online school.
  • Financial aid
Many private schools tend to offer financial aid to those who are in need and also have scholarship programs.  But in the case of online schools, only few will accept financial aid. Hence, students who are in need of financial aid for paying tuition should do their research before sending out any application.
  • Campus environment
Online schools lack a friendly environment as well as valuable campus resources such as extracurricular clubs and activities which can be both entertaining and educational. It is important for undergraduate students who just transferred from the high school, as they may miss these opportunities for personal enhancement.
  • Technology requirements
Many people may not have an access to a computer in their homes, or their computer might not be updated with the latest technology. With not being updated, you may have to face many troubleshoot problems, though many online schools are working to build their technical support.
  • Managing individual’s time
The online school needs hours of self-direction towards work to get through all of the material which includes all course lectures, video supplements, assignments, assigned textbook reading, and discussions. Individuals who have a hard time in time management will have to face difficulties in adapting to the structure of online school.

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