pros and cons of mining

Pros and Cons of Mining

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Mining is a process of extraction of valuable minerals or other geological minerals from the surface of the earth. Surface mining is quite common in practice these days. Both surface mining, as well as underground mining, has its own benefits as well as consequences to the surroundings. Some pros and cons of mining are:

Pros of Mining:

  1. Economic incomes.

Mining increases the per capita income of a country with the enormous earnings through import and export of ores which directly less to develop the human development index.

  1. Employment opportunities for people

Mining creates job opportunities for local people who are staying idle. Through mining, they can earn a good amount of money and support their family economically.

  1. Fulfill basic needs

The products obtained from mining can be used to fulfill basic needs such as build shelter or other important needs.

  1. Extraction of essential resources (raw materials)

Some essential raw materials such as natural gas, oil, coal, minerals, iron ores, etc. can be extracted from mining.

  1. Technological development

The extracted ores and raw materials can be further used in industries to make various other home-based products that can be used by people in their day-to-day life or future.

Cons of Mining:

  1. Loss of lives

Many labors suffer a lot and some also tend to lose their body parts or lives during the mining process as it is dangerous work.

  1. Causes environmental pollution

The waste material that is collected after the process is directly dumped in the water resources which ultimately causes pollution as well as affect the agriculture production nearby. Also, the smoke produces during the smelting process contaminates air making people suffer.

  1. Destruction of ecosystems

There occur different natural calamities as a side effect of mining such as landslide & flood due to improper & illegal mining.

  1. Chemical poisoning of people

During the smelting process, enormous quantities of pollutants are emitted which hampers the health of people. It causes different respiratory & skin diseases, black lung disease, radiation sickness, etc.

  1. No more resources

With frequent mining of non-renewable resources, there will be no more resources for our future generations.

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