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Pros and Cons of Lucid Air

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Lucid air is a four-door electric sedan produced by lucid motors. The electric vehicle unveiled in 2016 promises superior range and performance than its competitors. Similarly, most of its competitors either only promises range or performance, not both within the same vehicle. For instance, its main competitors are the Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan Turbo S, and Ford Mustang Mach E. In comparison, the pros and cons are still in the favor of the lucid air despite being a relatively new player in the market. Also, the lucid air has the advantage over those models both within the charging speed and the expected range of the vehicle.

The Company has announced that lucid air can provide a 300-mile range with just 20 minutes of charging with a maximum range of 517 miles. Customers will also have a wide selection of customizations and can create their own version of the vehicle. The company trusts that lucid air will become the most energy-efficient vehicle in the market with production by the end of 2021.

Incidentally, the laws for traditional combustion engines are getting stricter day by day. Electric vehicles are said to be the future. As such, lucid air appears to be a viable option to the people with the starting price of just $69,900 after tax credit.

As we have the general knowledge about lucid air, we can list some of its pros and cons hereafter.

Pros of Lucid Air:

  1. Lucid air has an estimated range of around 517 miles in a single charge. In this case, it has the longest range among any electric vehicle to date. In contrast, its closest competitor; the Tesla Model S only has the maximum range of around 400 miles.
  2. There is a lot of space for cargo in the car although being an electric vehicle. It has one of the biggest front boots in any vehicle. Similarly, the rear trunk also has additional hidden storage under the bi-fold cover. Therefore combining both storage spaces, the lucid air has the cargo capacity of a normal SUV.
  3. The lucid air comes with a 5k floating curved display optimally placed for the driver. Here the display has an emphasis on the touch response with proper viewing out to the road. In addition, it also comes with a decent size center display which can retract if needed. Incidentally, the lucid air also has 21 speakers creating an immersive multimedia experience.
  4. Lucid air also has various advanced features baked into it. The car can know when you are near and automatically unlock the door for you. Furthermore, there is facial recognition inside the car which automatically detects you once inside. In time these features will only improve as there is over-the-air software support baked into the vehicle.

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Cons of Lucid Air:

  1. The first batches of the car can have various issues as the company is relatively new. For example, the software is relatively new and that can bring in a lot of bugs in the car. A lot of features can be broken or won’t work as advertised. This can lead to negative reactions by the people.
  2. The lucid air has to use proprietary charging stations to fully utilize the rapid charging feature. In the current scenario, there are only a few charging stations capable of that. Hence this can lead to poor consumer satisfaction as they are not able to fully utilize its features.
  3. There is suspicion for various after-sales services provided by the company to its customers. Also, the easy availability of spare parts for replacement is another area of concern. We can lock the entire system. So, it prevents third-party repairs by the customers. Such acts can affect the experience in the long run.

In Conclusion

Lucid is a relatively new name in the electric vehicle market. The Company hopes to provide luxury sedan experiences freshly. In time the pros will outweigh the cons making it a viable option in the current market. In this case, the lucid air has already outshined the competitors as is. Thus, lucid air is one of the better alternatives that we can find in the current electric vehicle market scenario.

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