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JavaScript programming language is mostly in trend these days and is dominating web technology. It has been in use for around for over 20 years now. JavaScript is a full-fledged language which provides many unique features. It is world’s most misunderstood language as it has a prefix ‘Java’ in its name and few people think that it has some kind relation with JAVA, but actually it is not. Though, it is the most popular programming languages and a dominant web development technology, the pros and cons of JavaScript programming language exists.

Pros of JavaScript Programming Language

  1. Pervasive

One of the major advantages of JavaScript is that it is found everywhere. It’s one of the languages most learned and is present in millions of websites as it is mostly recognized by developers. As it is it is relevant to modern Web programming, many people are still learning, using and developing JavaScript.

  1. Speed

JavaScript agrees that speed is one of the language’s greatest advantages. JavaScript opens as a client-side application, so that the user do not need to wait on the server to run as it is ready as soon as the browser is. As JavaScript is a client-side language, it allows for a reduced load on the servers.
pros and cons of javascript programming language

  1. Compatible to every Web Page

Unlike PHP or SSI scripts, JavaScript can be worked with any type of Web page. With JavaScript you don’t have to change the file extension and re-work the page. JavaScript is not only simple to work into existing sites, but is relatively easy to learn as well its syntax is similar to English which is preferred by everyone.


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Cons of JavaScript Programming Language

  1. Client Security

One of the major disadvantages of JavaScript is that it is easily exploitable. As the Python codes executes on the users’ computer, many users disable JavaScript because it can anytime be exploited for malicious purposes. This is the reason why developer need to take care so that the codes are not easily disrupted.

  1. Browser Support

JavaScript renders differently depending on the user’s browser and also is sometimes interpreted differently by different browsers. After interpretation, the server-side scripts will always produce the same output but client-side scripts can be a little unpredictable. Also, it can hamper a user’s experience on your website.

  1. Developers lack critical thinking and problem solving skills

Some developers think that programmers who use JavaScript lack critical thinking and problem solving skills to be a successful one. The JavaScript learners lack knowledge about caching, optimizing, scaling or other critical concepts for Web developers. You overcome this problem by increasing your relevant skills.


These are few of the pros and cons of JavaScript programming language. Hope you like it. Comment down below if you like to make some addition to it.