pros and cons of iPhone X

Pros and Cons of iPhone X

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iPhone X is the most awaited and anticipated device this decade might have seen. The long wait for the event and the sudden surprise from Apple, drives the customer crazy. Apple has its own ecosystem built with devices, hardware unit for its devices, software and many more. There are some specific pros and cons of iPhone X though that you need to address.

iPhone X is the major design revamp and specs upgrade in the history of Apple devices from the first iPhone it released in 2007. There has been no such device from Apple before this one. It comes with its very own looking notch design housing the IR camera, front facing camera, dot projector, and other sensor for the face detection capability. Apple has been focusing on the all-screen device from the very first device when it launched with just a single home button.

While it might be a major revamp in design for the Apple, many of us won’t have such courage or capability to upgrade to the device. You would love to have one in your wish list but it might remain there looking at the price tag. Released on November 7th 2017, it was priced at US$999, which is also one of its kind number.

iPhone X Quick Specs

  • 8-inch Super Retina HD OLED display
  • iOS 11 with A11 bionic chip from Apple
  • 12MP dual rear camera with dual OIS
  • Stereo speakers
  • Wireless charging
  • Face ID
  • Fast charging on both wired and wireless
  • 3 GB RAM, 64/256GB internal, no expansion support

Pros and Cons of iPhone X

pros and cons of iPhone X

Apple did a great job bringing such a great device to the market. The display has been great with innovation of its own kind. The price might be a catch for many out there, but there are other yay and nays to look after. Some of the pros and cons of iPhone X are listed below.


  • Big beautiful and elegant OLED display makes the iPhone a class apart from its own previous devices.
  • Facial Recognition aka. Face ID, was a major gamble ditching the fingerprint sensor, but it seems to work great
  • The portrait mode in first ever attempt of Apple iPhone dual camera setup is crisp and makes the images look sharp.
  • The process as stated by Apple with its A11 bionic chip, is substantially faster than its previous version.
  • Apple has made use of the face recognition to its fullest with the implementation of AR Emojis following the facial expression for the user.
  • Wireless charging is something we have been waiting for long to arrive in Apple devices and iPhone X nails it.
  • iPhone X is IP67 rated meaning it is completely protected from dust and protects your phone for 30 minutes submerged up to 1 meter.


  • The major drawback is its high price, the one of its kind $999 for its base model.
  • Fast charging is a plus point but Apple charges you more for the separate accessories.
  • Accessories according to the features is not included in the $999 price tag.
  • Stuck with lightning connector while the world seems to be migrating towards type-C connector
  • No fingerprint sensor leaves the security in question.
  • If Face ID sensors are damaged, you get trapped in like very old iPhones with just passcode.
  • Notch doesn’t seem to help a lot in the viewing purpose as it seems to be annoying more than exciting.
  • No significant increase in battery life makes the battery draining issue prominent.
  • All glass design makes it more fragile and costlier maintenance.

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Hence, these are few of the pros and cons of iPhone X. If you are a die-hard Apple fan, your first and last reaction would be “Wow, I want that”, but looking deep into the specs, keeping aside the all screen with a notch design, there are Android devices that offer far more better specs at even cheaper prices.

Apple isn’t too the first one to feature an all screen design with notch. There are other Android phones that featured notch and much slimmer ones as well. The Essential phone is a device that had cutout just for the front facing camera and rest is screen. The Face ID sensors if got damaged, will leave you with security from the past when we used to have only passcode.

Facial recognition too had been in android device for many years now even before iPhone X. though Apple did a great job implementing the special hardware and sensors for the purpose of security. It’s up to you now if the price beats your expectations or your desire for the device wins over the overly priced device.

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