Pros and Cons of iOS 12

Pros and Cons of iOS 12

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Apple has always been focusing on the innovation part. With the devices using its own software and OS, then can very well work on the performance part of their devices. The can closely monitor how well the devices perform with certain tweaks as they run their OS on their system only. We will discuss the pros and cons of iOS 12 in this post.

This time around too, being announced in June 25th 2018, and after several beta version, the iOS 12 was officially released on September 17th 2018. Though it is supposed to be a stable version, it can have some level of certainty in the functionality as Apple has added some new features to the OS supporting the hardware aspects of newer iPhones released. Apple has also worked on increasing the performance of the older devices as well. Older devices too will be getting the updates, but only the limited ones. So, this brings us to the discussion about the pros and cons of the OS.

Quick Features of iOS 12

  • Focus on performance improvements
  • Memoji and Animoji
  • Group facetime
  • ARKit 2.0 improved form
  • New digital health
  • Parental control improved
  • Do not disturb improved
  • Grouped notifications
  • App limits and downtime

Pros and Cons of iOS 12

As this been the latest improvement in the iOS by Apple, there has been official version after several beta releases, though there are something missing here and there. Some of the pros and cons of the iOS 12 are as below.

Pros and Cons of iOS 12

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Pros of iOS 12

  • Faster and More Responsive Performance

As mentioned by Apple, iOS 12 provides faster and more responsive performance with camera being 70% faster, keyboard launching 50% faster and launching app 2x faster. Even older devices can upgrade with better performance.

  • Custom Siri Shortcuts

Custom shortcut for Siri will let you perform predetermined task at even more pace. The shortcuts will let you set custom tasks to perform on daily basis.

  • Time Control in Screen Time

Similar to Android feature, this update in iOS 12 lets you have a deep insight in how the apps are taking up your time in your daily usage, letting you have control over the usage time. It also provides help in parenting your child, letting them use the device for the time you have set.

  • Grouped Notification

You cannot even lie yourself saying you liked the way the notifications arrived in iOS. They were just chaotic. Now with newer iOS version, you will have your notifications managed at one place with similar app, similar thread and similar notifications. This will make it really easier for you to see what’s happening around.

  • New Do Not Disturb

New do not disturb feature in iOS 12 has added feature like Bedtime mode that will mute the notifications and just show you the time. You can set the duration time, or set location, or event to trigger Do Not Disturb mode.

  • New Animoji and Memoji

You have newer Animojis added and newer Memoji which will let you create an animated version of you with lots of customization options. You can even use the Memojis and Animoji in messaging app.

  • Group Facetime

Now you can facetime with up to 32 people simultaneously in iOS 12. Animoji and Memoji can be used in Facetime with 32 people as well.

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Cons of iOS 12

  • Problems in newer iOS

Every newer innovation comes with its own set of challenges. We are set to see some problems though it be minor ones. Real capabilities are determined when huge mass of people use the product, its like mass testing. So, updating after few times of update would be suggested.

  • The Availability is limited

The iOS 12 is limited to particular devices only. You cannot even enjoy all its features in every device.

  • Jailbreak isn’t available

Jailbreak isn’t available at moment. You may lose the jailbreak if you updated the iOS. Its better to stay with the older version right now until its officially announced.

  • Unstable Siri Shortcuts

To make the Siri shortcuts usable, it may take time. You just cannot expect to update to the newer version and get everything working right away. It might take its time to actually learn your way around and with lack of hardware for AI, it might take just more than time.

  • AR features might not work

AR requires fewer more hardware than just software to work, so it might be some great include in the newer iOS 12, but may not be for everyone.

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The conclusion of Pros and Cons of iOS 12

Hence, these are few of the pros and cons of iOS 12. Not every update brings happiness to everyone in this mobile world. iOS 12 too is intended for the performance update even in older models of Apple devices. But because the iOS is in its initial phase, it is advisable that you wait for fewer more days before you finally become sure of the features being stable enough to update. Apple rolls out updates pretty quick and this time too, iOS 12.1 is on its way. So, despite all those fancy features you see, you might not be able to use them all. So just wait and watch.

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