Pros and cons of internet

Pros and Cons of Internet

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Have you ever wondered how thin the line between use and misuse is? Its very ironic that Internet is for the boon of human but it has become curse due to misuse. The internet is no exception to that. Modern internet for us is due Tim Berners-Lee and his research at CERN in 1980s. At the time, people might not have thought of any such specific pros and cons of internet, but as the technology advances, so does the fear of it taking over the privacy.

The internet has made the world smaller and smaller. It used to take days for a letter to reach the recipients in older days, now, its just a click away. The most benefited section is communication and our ability of connecting with people residing almost on another corner of the world. Distance is just a number when it comes to communication. But with many recent developments and some shitty people around, internet has become very dangerous and dirty place. The instances of cyber crime these days are at peak as it is very easier to track any information through internet. You will never know if anyone is tracking you every day, every time you are on internet. Given below are few of the pros and cons of internet that we feel are relevant to many of us.

Internet Pros and Cons

World has benefited a lot from internet. It is a strong network of devices and their connection that you can hardly ever get off. Everything you want is available on internet, whether you like it or not, you will land on a shitty web-page someday and put your valuable data to risk. Internet fraud, cyber-crime, etc. are very famous name for the harassment games these days. Here are few pros and cons of internet that you better keep track of.

Pros and cons of internet

Pros of Internet

  • Communication is global and real-time

    It is just possible due to existence of internet that a person residing in one part of the world can comfortably communicate with the person who is 100s of miles away. Through video conferencing, a group can hangout quite comfortably and employees can attend meetings when away from job and all of these happen in real-time.

  • Web assistance in doing things

    Through internet, you are saved from standing in those lines to pay bills. Ordering food no longer needs you collecting food from the restaurant. You can check your banking status from home, without any hassle of staying in queue. You can buy and sell your products globally.

  • Lots of Information

    Back in the days without internet, general knowledge, research papers, journals, etc. were sources of information. Everything we were told from our elders used to be true. But now, even little kids with the access of internet can tell you things even we don’t know. Google has revolutionized the way of searching information. Internet has all the answer to your queries.

  • Jobs, Business and Marketing

    Ever since the commercialization of internet has happened, the shops from the streets and complexes have moved in to the internet. As everything on the internet is easily accessible, the market on the internet just grows and grows endlessly. There is no requirement for an actual person to visit the actual shop, you just order online and get goods delivered to your doorsteps, as simple as that. With the reach of over 4 billion users, you just need the right tool and technique, and your marketing plan can touch inhumane limit.

  • Faster transactions

    With online payment gateway like PayPal, paying online has been very easy. No staying in line, looking for change, just type in the amount, complete transaction and get going. It is all possible because of internet.

  • Opportunities to Freelancers

    Working online is what enables the worker to express the talent even in unseen part of the world. The talent you have here might be beneficial somewhere else rather than here. So, surfing through internet will land you in places where you can work freely from some other part of the world yet earn for your living.

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Cons of Internet

  • Privacy isn’t private anymore

    Your privacy isn’t up to you anymore. The moment you are on the internet, the information you share is tracked somewhere. The amount of personal information you share on internet is so huge that anyone can track you down and anything can happen. You share your real-time locations, vacation pictures, making other informed that you are not at home, that gives them a chance to sneak into your home. Be cautious about what you share and where you share. You will find all the pros and cons of internet use or misuse on the internet itself, but we don’t have time for that.

  • Illegal activities

    The internet has been made the base of illegal activities. Being anonymous, the illegal activities are carried out with out having any clue about who the leader is. There is a section in internet called “Dark Web” that is fully anonymous and majority of the illegal trades are carried out there. Though the government keeps track of such activities, it isn’t possible to get to the root as only 5% of the internet is known to us, and rest is anonymous.

  • Cyber crime

    With getting on internet being easy, almost everyone has access to the internet. There are a number of cyber crimes that take place every day. From teasing to bullying to harassment to threatening, everything comes under cyber-crime. People make illegal videos of other and publish on internet not knowing that thing on internet spreads faster than forest fire. Cyber-crime has always been ruining lives. What lands on internet, stays on internet there’s no undo button, so you would better think before ruining anyone’s life.

  • Children are affected more

    At such tender age, what we see is what we learn. Early access to internet exposes children to all the negative and illegal activities adults are engaged in.This act develops a sense that they too can do what adults are doing and they are compelled in the wrong path. If its to late, there is no returning back. Think before providing your children access to the internet.

  • Increased dependency on internet

    When everything is available on internet, you don’t bother doing things on your own. Your creativity is highly diminished as you are fully dependent upon internet for the resources. Once there was an internet outage of every kind in Washington for more than 4 hours, due to no access to any type of data connections, an online business couldn’t do any business at all.

  • Its addictive

    Social medias on the internet makes us addicted to the internet. We are so busy in internet that while we don’t have access to it, we feel empty. All the creative and hard work goes into scrolling through feeds and clicking pictures for the posts. The games on internet just take up all our time and leave us like couch potato, expert in games, but not physically.

Wrapping up

If you have a second thought to this problem, internet isn’t really a culprit. It was and still is for the accessibility of the human kind, but few of the dirty personality with dirty intentions, made whole internet polluted. Dirt in clear pond, even a small one makes the pond dirty, but even buckets and buckets of clear water in dirty pond can’t make it clean. the pros and cons of internet is same thing that we have to give attention to. The internet somewhere is full of hatred and negativity. The pros of internet is limited to few sectors and it is being used mostly for negative cause. These are few of the pros and cons of internet, comment below to add more.

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