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Pros and Cons of Hulu | Hulu Live Advantages and Disadvantages

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Hulu can be taken as an alternative site for Netflix for video streaming services. Hulu uses the internet connection and it allows its users to watch movies and TV shows on their devices. Even though it isn’t as popular as Netflix, it still offers better services to its users. Listed below are the pros and cons of Hulu.

Pros of Hulu – Advantages of Hulu – Merits of Hulu – Good Aspects of Hulu

  1. Features

Though Hulu is not as popular as Netflix, it stills has better features. Users can watch their favourite TV shows and movies on different devices such as smartphones, tablets, Apple TV and Xbox till they have an Internet connection. Also, it has watch history to keep in track of the series and movie you currently watched.

  1. Frequent updates in favourite TV shows

hulu live tv

For a TV show addict, Hulu is the best option. There is a frequent and quick update in the library of TV shows so that user don’t have to wait long to watch recent updates.

  1. Original content

Unlike other video streaming services, Hulu has its own original content. With TV shows, users can also find movies and documentaries as well which is distributed by Hulu.

  1. Hulu Live TV

Hulu aims to give better features to its users, so they are constantly improvising their service. With further improvement, Hulu also introduced Live TV beta service where a user can see 50++ live and on-demand channels.

Cons of Hulu – Disadvantages of Hulu – Demerits of Hulu – Bad Aspects of Hulu

  1. Users can’t watch movies and TV shows offline

Compared to Netflix, Hulu doesn’t offer the option of downloading the movies and TV shows offline and watch them offline. Though, this feature may be added soon.

  1. Not many movies available.

Another disadvantage of Hulu is that movie selection of Hulu is not that great. But, still, they are in an improving order by adding new movies and improving their movie selection.

  1. Available in the US and Japan only

This can be taken as a major disadvantage. Hulu service is available in the US and Japan only. It is available even in US military bases but not in other location.

  1. Fewer ads with more payment

When watching TV shows and movies online, users will be interrupted by commercials. Many users don’t like ads interfering their series or movies. With the plan that costs $11.99 per month, users will be able to watch shows and movies without ads.

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