Pros and Cons of GoPro Cameras

Pros and Cons of GoPro Cameras (GoPro Cameras Honest Review)

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Every time you plan on something great or exciting, whether it is visiting a new place or celebrating your some of the precious memories, you never want to miss on anything at all. While we have modern smartphones equipped with state-of-the-art cameras, we just fear taking them out anywhere and everywhere as they are delicate piece of technology not so well protected. Let’s learn the pros and cons of GoPro cameras further in the post.

While we enjoy riding our bikes, taking a sky dive or going deep into the ocean, may it be recording a fall or some rise in the sky, smartphones aren’t our first choice, neither is that big and expensive professional cameras. That is why action cameras exists. Not so expensive and durable enough to take you to limits. Exciting features yet simple controls, go deep or rise up, you have everything covered up. And coming into the business of Action Cameras, we hear a huge name “GoPro”. Every enthusiast whoever have ever taken adventure into their account, own one or have used one in their lifetime.

GoPro just makes it simple and easy. You just have a small camera that just fits into your palm, you just press a button to start up the camera and everything is taken care of next. GoPro has some amazing capabilities given its size and price. It packs on some features that even some huge camera brand fails to provide in their professional looking products.

Pros and Cons of GoPro Cameras are separately given below:-

A product cannot be perfect for everyone because it is how universe is exists. There is different perspective for a single thing by many other people. The pros and cons of the camera might be noteworthy for some of is, while negligible for rest of us. Here are few of them.

GoPro Cameras Pros

  • Small enough to fit in any corner of your bag pack and you won’t even have to empty space for its accessories.
  • They are very rugged and versatile enough to withstand harsh conditions you might use your camera in.
  • Point and shoot, as simple as that, no need to adjust all the modes and this and that. Just shoot raw or preset setting and you are good to go.
  • Wide angle makes the camera enlarge its perspective. GoPro comes with ultra-wide-angle fisheye lens. It’s awesome for distant object while distorted for near ones.
  • Water proofing that came with Hero 5 onwards and has been providing waterproof case for all other cameras makes it useable under water deep enough to take a perfect aqua shot.

    GoPro Cameras

    GoPro Cameras are WaterProof

  • You get various attachment for the GoPro to mount it on your vehicle, helmet, or even wearable straps that lets you wear it in your wrist, head, chest and even in your mouth.
  • HD capability of the latest GoPro Hero lineup has made it stand up in the front row, being so small yet packing such great quality stills and videos is commendable.
  • Wireless capability makes the monitoring and remote work like snap of a finger. You won’t even have to leave your position to adjust your settings and yet get quality you want.

GoPro Cameras Cons

  • Battery life is an issue in GoPro providing only few hours of battery life, you will have to carry extra battery or a suitable charging solution everywhere with you.
  • No zoom capability is a downside. The zoom just crops into the video losing the quality and not actually being a zoom.
  • Responsiveness sometimes can be a trouble as you have small screen and a button to take care of all the functionality of the device.
  • Controls are a pain to handle as it provides some control over the camera functionality if you have time to toggle around setting else just hope the automatic setting does it for you.
  • The accessories like gimbal that’s officially available for the camera costs as much as the camera itself.

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Conclusion for Pros and Cons of GoPro Cameras

Hence, these are few of the pros and cons of GoPro cameras. The GoPro is the must to have option for the enthusiasts who are planning to get in to the videography world. You get chance to learn through the curves of photography with this automatic camera. Its really great thing to learn from smaller steps with automatic to fully manual cameras. The portability of GoPro lets you take it with you wherever you go.

The holding position of the camera is troublesome. But with tripod and other mounts, operating the camera is just a child’s play. The latest version of the GoPro, the Hero 7 Black, is cheaper than the previous version, making the upgrading thing easier and cost effective.

Its definitely nice to get one for yourself given that the cons are not really that hazardous. Just grab one for yourself and enjoy the features and offerings of the camera.

Video by GoPro:

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