Pros and cons of Google Duo

Pros and Cons of Google Duo

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Google Duo is an application developed by Google which allows users to make audio and video calls from one user to another. Google duo unlike Apple’s FaceTime can be used on both Android and iOS devices. There is also Google Duo for PC if you use your computer frequently. Google Duo is working like Facebook’s messenger. If both parties are in the Google Duo then through the internet they can contact each other anytime. But let’s know about the Pros and cons of Google Duo.

Google offers video calling at the highest quality possible. If you want to talk with the recipient directly on video then Google Duo is one of the best there is on the apps market.

Here are the things you can follow to use the Google Duo service:

1. Google Duo is absolutely free so you can download the Google duo app to any kind of smartphone
2. Follow the normal procedure as any other app and input your phone number
3. Then verify your number from the verification code
4. Then you can start the services.

Now we can go through the pros and cons of Google Duos.

Pros of Google Duo

1. Offers very high-quality video calls:

Google Duo is probably the best application out there for a video call. The general resolution of video in this app is 720p HD video. Also, the Google Duo will automatically adjust brightness in low lighting.
As for group calls it allows users up to 32 participants at a time.

2. Knock Knock services:

Google Duo has a feature of Knock Knock which allows the recipient to see the live video of the caller. You can disable the feature in the settings if you don’t like it.

3. Secured communication:

Google Duo is very safe for communication and you can keep your communications private as it uses encryption for your calls. So, even Google cannot get access to your conversation.

4. Can work on various devices:

Other than your smartphone Google Duo can work on your PC as there is Google Duo for Windows as well. If not there is Google Duo in the Web browser which you can access at

Now to the next one:

Cons of Google Duo:

1. Fewer features:

Compared to other similar application like Facebook messenger Google Duo offer fewer features. One reason may be because the app focuses on simplicity which is good in its own way. But still added features may be a bonus.

2. Data usage:

Since it can connect you to high-quality video calls so for those who use the mobile connection for the internet it might be a bit high. The duo is found to use as much as 8MB of data per minute. So it depends on how much can you spend on your data.

Final Verdict:

If you want a very refreshing new audio-video chat module then Google duo may be just what you need. It can definitely satisfy you with its features and services. But if you have been using other applications for a long time and feel comfortable in it then you might just stick with it. You can continue with what you are using because Duo is not worth leaving your comfort zone for the new one. But for gaining new experience it is worth a try. Besides the Pros and cons of Google Duo seems to stabilize with it more pros than its cons.

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