pros and cons of ecoatm

Pros and Cons of ecoATM

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The EcoATM is among the ultimate solution to the enormous problem. 80 percent of cell phones are dumped in landfills or burned is recycled in an eco-friendly manner. The EcoATM is can be said as a counter where you can recycle your new, used or broken phones, mp3 players and tablets and get cash in return according to its condition. EcoATM has pros and cons as well. The pros and cons of ecoATM is discussed in the post below. The San Diego-based company which was founded in 2008 has more than 600 in more than 40 states. Their main goal is to be present within five miles or closer to 90% of the US population to make e-waste recycling as convenient as possible.

Entrepreneur and founder Mark Bowles got inspiration to create an ecoATM through a survey. He found that only 3 percent of people worldwide recycle their mobile phones and disposes off more than 384 million units of electronic waste each year. Less than 20 percent of that gets recycle. And the remaining leaves 80 percent dumped in landfills or burned, leaking toxic substances into the environment.

Using the fully-automated ecoATM is easy:

Place the mobile device in the ecoATM test station and submit your personal id with an image of the seller taken at the counter. The machine quickly evaluates the device, gives you cash on the spot. The process may take a few minutes and the average seller walks away with approximately $25 to $300, depending on the condition of the device. The kiosk also has a free charging station and a place to recycle accessories.

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Pros and Cons of ecoATM are:

pros and cons of ecoATM


  • Eco-ATM is a safe, convenient way to get an instant cash back for your devices that are sold.
  • Eco-ATM reduces e-waste and protect environment. Since mobile phones are toxic due to the presence of arsenic, lithium, cadmium, copper, lead, mercury and zinc that are inside of the phones. When these poisonous raw materials mix in landfills, they can blend into groundwater, contaminate soil, and affect the food chain and wildlife.
  • The world’s first e-waste recycling station repairs and reuses the different parts of the devices.
  • If any individual sells a stolen device, it returns the devices to its customer without any cost.


  • The main downside of an eco-ATM is that the machine sometimes fails to recognize some brands.
  • The system can be a way for thieves to get immediate cash payouts for stolen items after stealing an item.
  • In an eco-ATM, you need a valid ID and a thumbprint to carry out a transaction. It is for concerns in the law enforcement section of its website and also capture images of facial features of each user.

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