Pros and Cons of eBay | Advantage and Disadvantage of eBay

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Today, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of eBay.

Since its launch, eBay has become one of the most popular multinational e-commerce corporations for people who want to sell everything that may range from electronics to clothing. But, there is a huge difference among people who are selling a few spare items and people who are opening an official store on eBay. It is hence better to consider the pros and cons before deciding to open up an eBay store.

Pros of eBay

  1. Quick and Easy Set Up
    When it comes to building your own site, eBay tends to be relatively quick and easy. When you want to open an official store on eBay, you just have to sign up for an account and purchase a store subscription. After that, you can personalize your site and then add your products. Hence, there is no wastage of time or money.
  2. Different Selling Options Available
    Compared to other marketplace sites, eBay tends to offer multiple selling options i.e. auction and Buy It Now options for sellers. If you want, then you can sell your items by letting some items go at auctions or else you can sell them at a fixed price. Also, you can sell those items at a discounted price so that you don’t have a great loss afterward.
  3. Seller Protection
    eBay is a well-known site for user protection. It protects the buyers in case a seller doesn’t ship a product or there is any kind of fraud or misdirection. Also, it protects the seller from customers who don’t pay the money or files a case for Money Back Guarantee without any proof.
  4. Community Features
    eBay also offers community features like discussion boards and QnA forums to help the new user grow their shop and learn the tips and tricks of operating a successful eBay business from other successful sellers.

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Cons of eBay

  1. Marketplace Fees
    Even though eBay’s seller fees are actually relatively low, you still have to pay it. You need to pay the insertion fees when you list an item and total value fees once you sell those items. Also, you can pay optional fees if you want your item in the recommendation list or easier to find.
  2. Increase in Competition
    Though eBay doesn’t sell their own item, there are billions of other sellers on the platform with whom you have to compete. With quick and easy setup, you also can take advantage of the built-in shopper. However, you need to find ways to make your shop look better and attractive from other sellers.
  3. Bargaining Customers
    Since eBay became an auction site, there is an increase in customers bargaining. Though there are few people willing to pay the fixed price for rare collectibles, there are many people looking for the cheapest price possible.

These were the pros and cons of eBay. If you want to explore more useful information, suggest us the topics. We will write the pros and cons for you on that particular topic.

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