Pros and Cons of E-Verify | Good and Bad Aspects

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Advantage and Disadvantage of E-Verify

E-verify system enables employers to determine employee eligibility to work within three days. Using the E-verify system in the state has its own benefits and with that, there may come some disadvantages too. So, Let’s look at the pros and cons of E-verify.

Some pros and cons of E-verify are given below:

pros and cons of E-verify

Pros of E-verify

  1. Easy adoption

With early adoption of e-verify, you will have enough time to know more about the verification system before it becomes mandatory for all states.

  1. Easy access to government contracts

To get access to all the government contracts, first, you need to register for e-verify and then start using it.

  1. Avoid identity theft

There may be identity theft during the employment eligibility process. E-verify help companies to avoid identity theft.

  1. Verifies Employment eligibility

E-verify system is the best platform to verify the eligibility of an employee and helps to reduce waste of resources in hiring and training an employee is ineligible to perform.  It further helps to eliminate “No Match” letters from the SSA notifying that the employee’s reported social security number does not match government records.

  1. Save employer from the legal presumption

E-verify saves the employer by avoiding legal presumption issues as she/he must have hired unauthorized employee unknowingly.

  1. Helps maintain a legal workforce

E-verify eliminates mismatch letters on social security documents and further help to protect employees and maintain a legal workforce.

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Cons of E-verify

  1. Costly

The employers need to allocate time and resources to train and supervise the employees on how to use of the online system and on how to deal with the results of the queries before they make them sign up for E-verify.

  1. Liability

There may be liability issues if employers use improper pre-employment screening and re-verifying.

  1. Server issues

The E-verify system cannot handle heavy confirmation load and also SSA cannot quickly resolve all the confirmation issues.

  1. Incorrect information

An employer may be restricted from continuing to employ other people in case the information provided in the database is incorrect and the issue is not solved within the given time.

  1. Legal risks

If there is no proper instructions/notice given to the employees on how to contest for tentative non-confirmation, these employees may sue the employers for erroneous non-confirmations, wrongful termination.

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