Pros and Cons of Dress Code | Good and Bad Aspects

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Advantage and Disadvantage of Dress Code

Some people express themselves with the clothes they wear and with dress code it becomes challenging at times. A dress code is written rules to the mode of clothing for a particular individual or group of employees or students that they should wear at the workplace or in school. But these days the dress code has been a topic of discussion in many institutions as people are in favor as well as against it. A dress code is not only applicable to school and workplace but also occasions like when attending to a certain party or in sports. Based on certain place, the dress code has its own pros and cons. Some pros and cons of dress code are listed below.

Pros and Cons of Dress Code are separately given below, check them out now:-

Pros of Dress Code

  1. Uniformity

A dress code maintains uniformity among the students in the school premises and also minimizes outward differences among the students.

  1. No shaming

There isn’t any show off on his or her wealth by dressing better than others, and no student can be embarrassed for wearing cheap or old clothes. Dress code makes appearance of both children equal which is a good thing, both for school spirit and families.
pros and cons of dress code

  1. Maintaining discipline and order

Many of the schools and colleges use a dress code as a way of maintaining discipline and unity among the students.

  1. Economizing

Since everybody wears the same, inexpensive, easily repaired clothes, there is a lot of saving in the family. Also, school uniforms can be passed down from child to child, or donated to a school’s “uniform closet” for poor children to use.

  1. Look professional

With a dress code in the workplace enables employees to look more professional with maintaining a certain professional image.

  1. Activity

School uniforms are often chosen to encourage different extra-curricular activities such as walking, running, games, exercise and many more.. They have durable, loose fabric and are easily layered. Without a dress code, students might pick clothes which won’t let them move around.

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Cons of Dress Code

  1. Resistance

Some employees may feel uncomfortable wearing the uniform like school children and there may be hesitation when wearing the dress.

  1. Lack of individuality

There is lack of uniqueness and freedom to choose what to wear since everyone is unique and having a dress code to make them feel they are equal.

  1. Expensive

A dress designed for the particular dress code for school students may be expensive and time-consuming for the parents who have more than one school going kid.

  1. Negative attitude

Some employees and students may have negative attitudes towards the dress code and this defeats its purpose of having the dress code.

  1. Uncomfortable for some

Some people love dressing in their own manner. Those might feel uncomfortable wearing school uniform or standardized clothing . This may arise self-esteem issues and affect coordination.

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