Pros and Cons of Dating a Truck Driver

Pros and Cons of Dating a Truck Driver

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Before considering yourselves being in a relationship with a man who drives a truck over the road for a living then you should be ready to face many unique issues you need to deal with.

There is a quite lot of difference when you date a truck than dating men in other professions. There may be some advantages but some of its consequences can be very challenging which is definitely not suitable for the lifestyle for everybody.

Pros of Dating a Truck Driver:

Dating Truck Driver Pros and Cons

  1. Staying connected

You can stay connected to your person is through your phone when you need to feel closer to your man when he is absent. The long distance relationship can sometimes make the bond stronger.

Talking, texting, chatting occasionally in Skype and playing games with each other on the phones can be some of the ways to work on the long distance relationship. This feels as if you are actually interacting and doing something fun “together”.

  1. Join him

If you have the opportunity,

If you have a spare time then you can join him on the road for a trip every now and then. You can then get some leisure time to be with him more and actually experience his life being together in his days and nights like eating, sleeping in a truck which is pretty much similar to camping, showering in a truck stop and being in a different state every day.

  1. Stay Busy

To divert you mind wrong thoughts initiating, keep yourselves as busy as possible. Take up a new hobby or moreover, try to surround yourself with friends and family. Find enough things to occupy yourself and your mind so that you can forget that your loved ones aren’t present at that right moment.

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Cons of dating a Truck Driver:

  1. Long Distance

It is obvious that the trucker drivers are mostly involved in their chores and gone most of the time making your relationship into a long distance relationship similar to the life of a military wife. This situation is quite uncomfortable for most people who want to be in a relationship because they have no one around to enjoy life with.

  1. Trust issues

Trust issues are sure to arise in such a relationship. For every women, there is a hint of fears and doubts wondering if their man is cheating on them. And for a person with a problem of personal or emotional security, there is sure to have a feeling of unreasonable jealousy creating problems in your relationship.

  1. Vacations

You are unable to plan anything because his work can show up any time and the situation may arise where you need to go to the trip all alone with the tickets booked. There are many truck drivers who have missed many events such as their holidays, children’s graduation or wedding as well as their own anniversaries.

  1. Raising children

Raising your children alone is a tough job. You need a help with the kids or whenever you need something fixed in the house. Being in a relationship with a truck driver will make you wait until he comes into town.

  1. Less Socialize

You’ll feel quite all alone and staying at the house is boring. There is very little socializing with people while your partner is gone though you may have friends, going out with them feels quite unusual and uncomfortable.

  1. Planning

When the truck driver makes plans for specific things to do with their loved one which needs to be on certain dates such as concerts and other events, good luck with that and when the work show up the same time they get quite frustrated. They are unable to plan anything as the work come and go at all different times of the day/week/month.

Conclusion on Pros and Cons of Dating a Truck Driver

Before being in a relationship, think carefully about what you truly want in a relationship and then decide what’s best for you. While dating a truck driver, you both will have two separate lives to live which you occasionally need to blend. It is important to spend quality time together but understanding the lives of each other but appreciating little things is more important.

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