Pros and Cons of Dating a Filipina

Pros and Cons of Dating a Filipina

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Philippines is known as a dating paradise for men, especially foreign men. Dating a Filipino can prove to be both bitter and sweet. Every relationship is thought to be bitter-sweet but it’s quite different when you’re with a Filipina. With the continuous days of living together the bitter relationship becomes bitterer and the sweet part becomes sweeter.

Below listed are few pros and cons that need to be considered when dating a Filipino:

Pros and Cons of Dating a Filipina

Pros of dating a Filipina

  1. Family

One of the best benefits about dating a Filipino is that they often found to be around their family circle which may quite be fascinating to a foreigner as most of them live independently away from their family whereas a Filipino family sticks together. For once you’ve been identified as one of the family member; you’ll always people around you who will support you and your loved one. Since family supports the decision of every member, if s/he has her best interest being with you, then it is quite sure that they will support you and your relationship until you’re married.

  1. Rewards

If you are dating a Filipina girl or women and if you support her decision on whatever she wants for the relationship, then you can expect many rewards from her. The rewards may come in different forms such as delicious home-cooked meals, more fun in the bedroom, more affection, surprise gifts and also get a freedom of watching the game or series instead of watching a Filipino talk show on TV.

  1. Places are cheap

Need a spot to spend some leisure time with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Philippine is a very affordable place to live with more than 7000+ islands of the Philippines to enjoy beaches, forests, mountains, rice terraces or volcanoes and also the cost of living there is on the budget. Hence, you don’t have to spend a lot of money in your relationship to make the bond stronger.

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Cons of dating a Filipina

  1. Family

The Filipino families love to entertain the guests, and even more interested when the guest is a foreigner. They give their all time and attention to you which you can feel a little annoying. As whole family lives together you mind find it very hard to remember everyone’s names which could be irritating. You’ll also feel as if you’re being interviewed as you are asked questions often and stared at often by the rest of the family members.

  1. Decision making will be 75-25

When dating a Filipina girl, the decision making is most often hers i.e., 75% hers, the rest of the 25% is yours. This is because Filipina have a more dominant personality. The family related decisions are mostly taken be her whereas decision on– what movie to watch, what restaurant to go to and so on – will be solely yours. Try to go with the flow even though feelings of annoyance and irritation are creeping up to make your relationship working.

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