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Pros and Cons of Cookies | Advantage and Disadvantage of Cookies

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Merits and Disadvantage of Cookies – Pros and Cons of Cookies are listed below:

Cookies are the text files that store information like surfing habits, server settings, and type of browser in its hard disk. The cookies stored have its own advantages and disadvantages to its uses. Today we will discuss pros and cons of cookies in detail. Let us look at its pros and cons.

Pros of Cookies

  1. Ease to Control

Cookies in a computer are quite easy to manage. Some browser on the computer has the option to clear the cookies manually or automatically making it easy for you to clear your browsing history. Also, the cookies can be used by any viewer or text editor to display, edit, and delete them.pros and cons of cookies

  1. Convenient

Firstly with cookies, you can easily visit the websites you have already been to and also they remember information about forms. Secondly, in case you are tired of filling out your address every time with cookies you can make filling out address forms quick and efficient. This is applicable in most online shopping websites where you don’t need to fill address and email information every time.

  1. Effective Advertising

Cookies are also used in internet marketing companies to run marketing campaigns aimed at a very specific market segment by accessing data from it which includes product group, geo-location, search term, and demographics.

  1. Domain specific

Each website has its own cookies hence they are independent of each other. There is no any domain websites that shares cookies with other domains.

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Cons of Cookies

  1. Privacy

Even though, the internet browsing is much easier with the help of cookies, there are many cases of invasion of privacy. Many websites these days needs to accept cookies first to access the content but still browser accept cookies by difficult. Hence, as a result, cookies are being stored in your hard drives and IP address is collected and also your browsing history and online activities become public knowledge.

  1. Storage

Since cookies are stored in your hard drives, it is obvious that it will take up quite a bit of storage space. With the cookies accumulated, your browser may start and run slower. Your system may lag or hang up if hard drive space is limited. Hence, browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer have options to clear the cache and delete cookies.

  1. Illegal Activity

The personal information that is collected by the websites may be used by some individuals and groups for unscrupulous purposes. They may be sold to external parties. And then they may be used to hack into social networks or other online accounts. Thus, it may be better to disable third-party cookies or clear your cache regularly.

Thus, these were the pros and cons of Cookies. If you wish to learn more like this, please suggest us a topic via comment or contact page.

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