Like all other contraceptive devices out there, condom is the most common and widely used ones. It is easy to use and dispose. The trust upon the condoms are high as compared to other contraceptive measures. It is available for both males and females out there. Both serve the same purpose of birth control. While birth control is the primary cause of use of condoms, it can even provide protection from Sexually Transmitted Infections or STIs. But it isn’t always a case, both pros and cons of condoms exists that warns us of the use of condom though supports as well.

We all know that South Africa has high level of infected people in terms of HIV and AIDS. While sex is inevitable emotion of life, saving yourself and your partner from the infections of HIV and AIDS is a must. But there is wide-spread of misconception that use of condoms challenges the masculinity of man in relationship. According to a study, 43% men and 35% women stated that the use of condom meant you don’t trust your partner. It’s a must for the Health Organizations out there to look after such issues and save the world from any such diseases.

Condoms Pros and Cons

While condoms are highly trusted by many individuals out there, there are some cons along with the pros of condom use. Some of the pros and cons of condoms are listed below.

Pros of Condoms

Using Condoms Pros and Cons

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  • Ease of use: Condoms are simple and effective to use. Condoms can provide 85% effectiveness. They are more effective when used with spermicidal solutions.
  • STDs: Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs clear the meaning right from its name. It is caused due to genital contact and secretion. Many diseases like HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), HIV etc. have seen significant decrease with the use of condoms.
  • Availability: Condoms are easily available in any part of the world. They are cheap to use as well. In some countries, health organizations and government personnel distribute condoms for free just to increase the awareness.
  • Fertility: Condoms causes no tamper with the fertility of the person, it is just meant to stop the meet of sperms to the female organ. It is one time use and throw contraceptive measure.
  • No prescription required: It requires no prescription from the doctor for the purchase of condoms. You don’t even need to be 18+ to buy a condom, though it might vary from place to place. You can just visit a store and ask for condom.

Cons of Condoms

  • Allergies: High percentage of condoms are made from latex most probably because they are cheap and easily available. Though someone with latex allergy might not be able to use the regular condoms. They might have to opt for polyurethane or lambskin condoms which are expensive.
  • Reduced sensitivity: Some might complain that condoms reduce the sensitivity during the intercourse. For some it might not be physical but a mental feeling of a barrier in between the intercourse. Anyway, they are not satisfied enough with the use of condoms.
  • Lubrication: Condoms cannot be used with the oil-based lubricants, only water-based lubricants can be used. Oil-based lubricants can cause the latex material to disintegrate during intercourse.
  • Breakage: If condoms break at the point of climax, it makes absolutely no sense in using the contraceptive measure. Some cheap quality condoms cause absolutely no effort before breaking.
  • Friction: Due to excessive friction, the genitals gets bruised or any internal damage is caused by the material of the condom. It is the major cause of rupturing of condom right during the intercourse.

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Conclusion on Pros and Cons of Condoms

In conclusion, it is best practice to use condoms in regular basis to avoid any unintended pregnancy and to avoid the transmission of STDs. The right suggestion would be to test out for any allergies with the particular condoms. Trying out every one out there rather than sticking with the suggested one might get expensive sometimes. So, try out the one that suits you well and stick with it until you have any problem with it. Everyone should be made aware with the use of condoms and they must be promoted to insure their reach to every individual out there.