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Community college is also known as junior college. It is a type of educational institution that provides post-secondary education as a pathway to earn your four-year degree. This college helps you to knock out your general courses. It also helps to explore your other interests and helps you find the major you are keen at. There are several pros and cons of community college. Here, today we will be discussing it in detail,

Pros of Community College

  1. Much cheaper

One of the major advantages of attending community college is for the financial advantage. In comparison to the price of tuition at in-state public universities, the community college cost less than two thousand dollars each semester to attend full time. Hence, it might save up to 90% of their total tuition cost.

  1. Have Flexible Schedule

When attending a standard college or university, the class schedule generally starts between 9-5 making it difficult to do job. However, in the case of community college, It offers many night class options in multiple degree pathways. It also the workload is less in comparison to state school or private university and also attendance is not usually required.

Pros and cons of community college

  1. Smaller class size.

The class size is surprisingly smaller than the traditional college or universities. The class capacity is generally 20 students or fewer. With less number of students, the instructor can give equal attention to his/her students, Also with small learning place, the student can easily catch up with his studies.

  1. Chance explore major options

Some students are sure about the major they want to graduate in whereas there are some students who aren’t sure which career option is right for them after a full year of college. By attending a community college, you can different career options because the classes are far cheaper than they are at comparable institutions.

  1. Near to home.

Community college is somewhat very close to your home. This can be considered as one of the pros as it makes it much easier for working adults to fit classes in with their schedule. Also, you can take care of your family, basic chores and other task related to daily living. These might have been impossible when attending traditional college.

  1. Qualified Professors

In a community college, some professors may be fresh out of a master’s program. But many will be well-seasoned academics with impressive resume. Many accomplished professors teach students as a part-time teacher at community schools. They do this to focus on their own pursuits and career goals.

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Cons of Community College

  1. Not an option for a 4-yeaar degree

Most community colleges are 2-year schools. This college will only help you get a half-way there as it will only help you earn a specific certification in some vocations which can be used for job advancement. But to obtain a 4-year degree you will have to transfer to another university.

  1. Lighter Workload

Unfortunately, the workload of community college is quite less than that of state university or a private college. In most time, there is very little course work aside from major exams. Those who struggle with taking tests, community college might not be a good option.

  1. No campus life

Though a community college may offer extra-curricular activities like sports, organizations, and clubs for student participation, it is not similar like it would be at a traditional institution. For students who love the outdoor activities for an energetic social scene, a community college is not a good option.

The term “Community college” generally refers to a higher educational institution which provides workforce education and college transfer academic programs. And these were the pros and cons of community college.