Pros and cons of Being an Uber Driver

Pros and cons of Being an Uber Driver

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Uber driver has its own pros and cons just like any other profession. Below are some of the benefits and disadvantages of being an Uber Driver:

Pros of Being an Uber Driver

Pros and cons of Being an Uber Driver

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  1. Flexible Schedule

Work with a flexible schedule is something that attracts many drivers. You are capable of planning your work like the working hours and also the destinations to drive. There is no need of scheduling your work around any other activities.

  1. Payment

Uber driver make an approx of $17 per hour. Unlike the other profession in which you get paid once a week or month, Uber driver can earn cash a few times a day. This is very useful when you need urgent cash or some free planning.

  1. Part time Job

Driving an Uber can be an additional source of income. You can plan your schedule and drive for an additional source of income whenever you are free or feel like doing so. Dropping and picking up passengers from their work station can be an easy way to increase your earning.

  1. Self-employed

After being an Uber driver, you will not have to report to anybody or meet any deadlines and also it has very less demands attracting a lot of drivers. You no longer have to be constantly supervised when working as Uber driver.

  1. No special requirements

Driving for Uber has a very less requirements like 21+ age, having a personal car, a driving license and no criminal background, with no any special skills. You are not asked for any college degree or long.

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Cons of being an Uber Driver

Cons of being an Uber Driver

  1. Insurance

For an Uber driver, your personal auto insurance policy is not applied when you’re functioning as a driver. You need to notify the insurance company about it immediately and review all the plans that is provided to the users

  1. Holidays

Uber driver are likely to be driving while other spend their weekend with families. Public holidays are most profitable days for the drivers as they tend to make more money those days with tips too.

  1. Schedule

Working in a office has a fixed time like they can go home after 5 pm and be free till next morning. But the schedule for Uber driver is completely different. You can work early in the morning or late at night to increase your earnings breaking daily schedules.

  1. Wear and Tear

With the miles you ride, the value of your car falls and also amount of servicing and repairs increases. There may be some normal wear and tear with passengers in and out of your car. There may be stains, spills, accidental damage, and the normal wear and tear with its frequent use. Though, driving an Uber gives you a part time earring, it also increases the expenses on you.

  1. Dangerous areas and riders

Being an Uber driver, it is certain that you have to drive at midnight too to get benefited from high surges. You also may get a call from a dangerous part of the city which may not be safe for you. There are also many reports online of passengers making inappropriate advances on drivers and the reverse.

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