Pros and Cons of Aprilia SR 150

Pros and Cons of Aprilia SR 150

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Aprilia is well known for manufacturing two-wheelers of various size and capacity. The Aprilia SR 150 is part of the Piaggio Group along with the Vespa brand that has a European design with a sporty styling making it hit among the youngsters. The scooter’s beaky front apron has headlight embedded into it and the turn indicators in the handlebar. The aggressive look to the scooter is given by the 14-inch wheel helping it stand out among the other scooters. We will discuss the pros and cons of Aprilia SR 150 in this post.

The SR 150 has a very large engine unlike many other scooters in the Indian market distribution, powered by a 150cc SOHC air-cooled four-stroke engines making it weigh for near about 122kg. SR150 pull off the highest power of 11.20 bhp at 7,000 rpm and the maximum torque it is able to pull off is 11.50 Nm at 5,500 rpm. It moreover has 220mm disc brake at the front side and 140mm drum brake at its rear side. It has a fuel capacity of 7 liters with a seat height of 775mm.

Price ranged at 70000 Indian rupees, it comes in one variant colors with two color schemes: Red and White and Red and Black.

PROS and Cons of Aprilia SR 150 are as follows:


pros and cons of aprilia sr 150

  • The company made it like a combination of a bike and a scooter with a decent design of aggressive and sporty look which steals the attention of many youngsters.
  • Easy to maintain with an enhanced braking system, wide wheels which provides extra base to body.
  • It gives a very good speed of 70 km/hr with easy and if pushed gives 100 km/hr easily in terms of 158.4cc
  • Support quick turning or leaning into corners with good ground clearance because of its 14-inch alloy wheels with gripe tires
  • Has a hook in the scooter to lessen the burden of the goods carrying and also a USB charging point
  • With overall judgment, the Aprilia SR150 gives a better charm in comparison to many other scooters available in the market.


Pros and Cons of Aprilia SR 150

  • Has a very stiff front suspension which can be painful for the lower part of the body when riding in bad roads
  • Doesn’t have quite enough features compared to other scooter brands.
  • Has a very less under seat storage where you cannot even store a full helmet
  • Has a weak performance in comparison to the price
  • Body built with plastic panels instead of a metal, thus can get damaged easily
  • The engine of 154.8cc consumes more fuel in comparison to other bikes.

Hence, these are few of the pros and cons of Aprilia SR 150. Aprilia is a well known Automobile Brand. This brand is on to making the racing motorcycles. To have such great brand producing two wheeler vehicles like this, is great on its own. Let’s enjoy the racing DNA despite of the pros and cons present in Aprilia SR 150 scooter.

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