Antivirus Software Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Antivirus Software

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A virus can deliberately bring a change or damage to the application or data available inside. The latest viruses these days can travel from one computer to another across the Internet. To protect the computer from such damages, Anti-virus software is used so as to detect and remove the viruses from the computer files or the computer system programs that are infected with.

Following are the Pros and Cons of Antivirus Software:

Pros and Cons of Antivirus Software

Pros of Anti-virus software

Installing the anti-virus software on your computer, you get protecting from different mal-functioning that may happen in the device. There are many advantages after installing the device in the computer. Some are discussed below:

  1. Protection against the viruses

People tend to click suspicious link in different websites or the attachments in emails. Visiting those links or untrustworthy websites bring viruses along them. Just a single virus can affect many programs and can also destroy all of the valued data making the computer worthless.

Thus, with anti-virus software, it can decrease the chances of getting affected. The anti-virus software downloaded, will prevent the computer from viruses, malware and spyware.

  1. Protection while surfing

Anti-virus software will protect you computer from the hackers who may gain access to your personal things such as credit card information or the bank account while you surf the Internet.

  1. Firewall feature

With most anti-virus software, firewall feature is included in it which will block any unauthorized incoming connections to your network. It further prevents the hackers from digging from the personal computer.

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  1. Protects from spamming

Spam is quite annoying when you are bombarded with emails and ads during the working hours and also you have no interest. The anti-virus software installed protects the computer from spamming.

  1. Protects from spyware

The antivirus software can also protect the computer from the spyware and identity theft. The spyware is a kind of software designed to infect your computer, spy on you and steals all your personal information stored inside your computer like the financial data, important personal files and images.

Cons of antivirus software

  1. Slows down system

Anti-virus software can slow down the PC or network as it can use a lot of computer memory & hard disk space when installing and using it.

  1. Security holes

Some security holes in the operating system and networking software give the viruses another entry point that bypasses the anti-virus software. The Anti-virus software use today highly effective if it is kept updated.

  1. Not for firewall

The installed anti-virus software doesn’t support for Firewall and it will not prevent you from getting hacked. You need to install firewall software or a full internet security suite to protect your computer fully.

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