In any parts of the world, pets are considered to be part of the family or best friends. Owners tend to make sure that they provide the best care for their pets. And in case the pets are suffering much then they tend to give them a shot of euthanasia. Euthanasia is deliberate action taken with the intention of ending a life in order to get a relief from an  incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma. The only way that you can come to a conclusion is by analyzing both the pros and cons of animal euthanasia.

There are many questions that may arise when you keep your pet to sleep to end their suffering. By looking at them you get to know more about it and can decide whether to give them a shot of it or not. Some pros and cons of animal euthanasia are as below.

pros and cons of animal euthanasia

Pros of Animal Euthanasia

  1. Help with closure and saying goodbye on your own terms.

Losing your pet is hard and it is even more difficult experience when you know they died alone and you weren’t able to say goodbye or comfort them. So, with euthanasia, you can decide when pets will be put to sleep, ensuring they die in the most dignified and comfortable way possible. Also, it is better that to gather everyone who is part of your pets lives’ and make sure that they too can say goodbye to their beloved ones.

  1. Avoid unnecessary suffering to your pet

Animals have shorter life spans than humans, so you may see your pets getting old and also becoming sick. They tend to constantly ill as they grow older and will have difficulty even controlling their bowels and thus will undergo a lot of pain. By giving them euthanasia before their condition turns for the worst, you are helping them avoid too much suffering.

  1. Saves you from a huge medical bill.

Since veterinary fees are expensive, it can be challenging for some families to afford such expenses. Euthanasia will help pets avoid suffering and also save you from veterinary bill that is in increasing order they get older.

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Cons of Animal Euthanasia

  1. Solution for population control.

Some people try putting some of the animals to sleep because there shelters are full beyond their capacity and hence they need to avoid overpopulation. Instead, people should be encouraged to adopt more or support and fund shelters so they can take care of more animals.

  1. Cost

Other downsides to animal euthanasia are the cost. This means that it might be a procedure that Euthanasia allows your pet to have an end to pain. But the procedure that is quite costly. You might go into debt when trying to put your pet down instead of allowing them to die naturally.

  1. Difficult decision to make.

Euthanasia is an issue that can cause a lot of stress among families. It is very difficult for a person to lose your best friend or family member even in their imagination. But knowing that you have to make the decision when they are going to leave can be even harder. So it is better to talk to your veterinarian about your pets’ condition. Ask for advice how to best help them if you are having difficult time taking the decision.

Hence, these are few of the pros and cons of animal euthanasia. Being an animal lover, its a mixed feeling about animal euthanasia. You want to help the animal and not want to leave them at the same time. Decide for yourself what is good for your pet. Analyze the animal euthanasia pros and cons properly and make a conclusion.