Pros and cons of Amazon Shopping

Pros and Cons of Amazon Shopping

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Amazon is an American multinational conglomerate founded by Jeff Bezos on 5th July 1994. Amazon started as an online marketplace for books but today it deals with a large variety of consumer goods and services. In brief, it focuses mainly on e-commerce, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, the company is also known as the world’s most valuable brand and is one of the big five companies in the U.S. along with Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook. So, here we will discuss the Pros and Cons of Amazon Shopping.

Amazon is also the world’s largest online marketplace. It is well known for its disruption of well-established markets with the help of technological innovation on a mass scale. Similarly, online shopping from amazon has been made easy as they ship globally. Also, there are millions of products to choose from from a wide variety of sellers competing with each other. In this case, about 240 million customers are using Amazon online shopping worldwide. Therefore the potential customer can find helpful reviews and suggestions from other people easily before purchasing any product.

Purchase of any goods and services from Amazon online has its own advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, it’s important to make a rational decision before purchasing any product. To summarize, here are some of the pros and cons of Amazon shopping:

Pros of Amazon Shopping

  1. Amazon is the largest online marketplace as of today. Thus the product prices are always competitive as compared to others. Furthermore, there is always some kind of ongoing sales which further decrease the prices. This is truly beneficial for the end consumer.
  2. Amazon has millions of items for sale each day. Many sellers sell the same product to consumers. As a result, a potential consumer can compare prices and products easily. This ensures that the consumer gets exactly what they want.
  3. Amazon provides proper and reliable customer services to all. Millions of people worldwide trust the service as well. As a result, this ensures that the end consumer has a proper and satisfying shopping experience while using Amazon.
  4. Amazon is also equally beneficial for sellers. New sellers can join various affiliate partner programs. Furthermore, the seller also saves on product advertisement costs with access to millions of consumers worldwide. Here the sellers also don’t require having their own shop software reducing additional costs.

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Cons of Amazon Shopping

  1. A Seller on Amazon doesn’t have total control over their products. Before Amazon allows selling, there are various constraints on the seller. The seller loses a large chunk of independence and control when they agree to their terms and conditions.
  2. Returning a product can be time-consuming and frustrating to the consumers. You should fulfill various terms and conditions for the return. Likewise, international shipments are even more time-consuming to return and sometimes the seller can outright deny the claim. Furthermore, many find that Amazon selling counterfeit, unsafe, and discarded products in the past.
  3. Dependency on Amazon can be fatal to both the consumers as well as the sellers. A slight change in the company’s policy can hamper both and leave them with no other options. Furthermore, many criticize Amazon for opposition to trade unions and possible tax avoidance.

Our final thoughts

Amazon has become a source of our daily commodities and many people depend on it for their livelihood. Here amazon has been providing excellent consumer services with competitive prices. Besides consumers, they also have various programs geared towards sellers. Thus the sellers have access to worldwide consumers through it. Likewise, they have products for every level of price and people can always find something for their needs. Although Amazon has its own downsides, it has now become a part of our daily lives. Furthermore, it keeps competition alive which ultimately benefits the end consumers. Hence Amazon is equally important to both sellers and buyers alike. Besides, here you learned some of the Pros and Cons of Amazon Shopping.

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