Pros and Cons of Amazon App Store

Pros and Cons of Amazon App Store

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Amazon app store is one of the alternatives available for the Google play store in the Android ecosystem. The app performs similarly to the google play store function with additional features baked into it. Here the Amazon app store comes pre-installed in all of its fire along with its kindle stick and fire stick line of devices. Furthermore, the Amazon store is also necessary for the proper use of various exclusive features provided by the Amazon ecosystem. Besides here we will discuss the Pros and cons of Amazon App Store.

Amazon app store comes bundled with their Fire OS as standard instead of the Google play store. It can also be called the Amazon play store of the kindle and fire devices. However many devices running android can easily sideload the downloaded Amazon app store app and get it running without any issues. Here the Amazon store doesn’t require the Google framework to be installed thus enabling a wide range of compatibility. Furthermore, the availability of the Amazon coins helps simplify the in-app purchases and it also has relatively cheaper rates than others.

So, the Pros and cons of Amazon App Store are:

Pros of the Amazon App Store

  1. The Amazon app store has better descriptions and in-depth comments about the apps as compared to others. Here the descriptions are significantly better providing a versatile and feature-rich environment for developers to list their apps on display. There are easy-to-read bullet points as well as a quick view of the app’s features.
  2. Users of the Amazon app can also test-drive the listed apps in the browser before any purchase. This enables the users to make purchases in such a way so that they won’t regret their decision later. Here, not all apps support this feature but the app store makes it easy to narrow out the ones that do.
  3. The amazon app store claims to test the apps before making them available for downloads to the users. This ensures the app’s compatibility and also protects the end-users from the potential risk of data infringement. Furthermore, this ensures that each app work as intended and there are also fewer unwanted apps in the store.
  4. Amazon has significantly cheaper rates than other Android markets. The Amazon coin makes purchases simpler and users can also get premium apps for free through this virtual currency. Here the user only has to complete their given task or watch some ads and they can get premium apps for free or at a discount.

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Cons of the Store

  1. Amazon app store has significantly fewer apps than the Google play store. This can hamper the user experience a lot as users are not able to use the apps that they need. Furthermore, this can also discourage people from using the Amazon ecosystem as a whole.
  2. There is also no return policy in the Amazon app store. This can make people skeptical about any purchase. Here a single negative comment about the given app can make people rethink their decision and hamper the developers in the long run.
  3. The amazon app store restricts users from certain features and apps based on their location. As a result, this makes purchases difficult globally. Some users have to depend on their friends in the UK or the states to send them gift vouchers for such apps and services.

In summary, the amazon app store is one of the best alternatives currently available in the android market. Users don’t have to purchase a separate device for this and they can easily sideload it in their current devices. The app library is limited but it keeps on growing constantly. This is also beneficial for the end-users as they won’t have to deal with random apps in their searches. Furthermore, the services provided by the Amazon ecosystem are significantly cheaper than other alternatives. Likewise, it can be a proper alternative to those who are not comfortable using the Google services on their devices. Therefore, the Amazon app store is one of the best alternatives for the Google play store and many more. Altogether, you got some information on the Pros and cons of Amazon App Store.

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