Pros and Cons of AliExpress Shopping

Pros and Cons of AliExpress Shopping

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AliExpress Shopping is an online platform developed by Alibaba group. It was created in 2010. It deals with the online sales of products from Chinese companies outside China. AliExpress Shopping works similar to Amazon and eBay except the sellers are mostly Chinese companies. AliExpress collaborates with a lot of small companies or producers which in turn sell in their platform. Their products range from all kinds. It includes health products, clothing, electronics, hardware, sporting goods, and many more. It is growing popular outside China especially in Russia, Brazil, and other European Union countries. AliExpress gives you an online shopping store with products mainly from China. But even as popular platform as AliExpress and backing of Alibaba group, there are still some disadvantages to it as well. Here we will discuss some of the Pros and Cons of AliExpress Shopping.

Pros of AliExpress Shopping:

1. All types of daily products under a single platform:

Starting with the most obvious one, we can find every kind of product for daily use. Is it clothing for both genders at any age to various electronics, health supplements, and so on? You can just buy everything you need. You don’t have to visit the various stores for various products.

2. Chinese products for International buyers:

The main point for AliExpress was to supply Chinese products abroad. It uses TaoBao for China. For consumers all around the world, this is a great way to buy Chinese products and be familiar with them. In addition, it removes the general notion that Chinese products are fake and useless.

3. Direct purchase:

AliExpress supplies products directly from the company’s warehouse to your doorsteps. So, you don’t have to worry about any other types of handling fees except for the product cost and shipping fee. As a result, it makes the product cheaper.

4. Shopping is easier with delivery time:

Another main point of this site is to make shopping easier for consumers. With the pandemic spreading around the world, shopping physically can be a bit dangerous. But with AliExpress you have an online store where can buy online with ease. Another thing is that Aliexpress normally couriers your packages within 19-39 days. Due to the pandemic, the time can exceed 90 days.

Now let’s move to the drawbacks of AliExpress.

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Cons of the service:

1. Incorrect or Misplaced products during delivery:

There are many complaints about how the customers getting wrong products at delivery. There are products which AliExpress get misplaced. These kinds of problems have appeared a lot and still, the problem is not solved.

2. Refund Problems:

Even if AliExpress acknowledges their mistake about product placement, it is still difficult to get a refund. This creates a feeling for customers that they are getting scammed. They do refund but it is too much hassle to get back their own money.

3. Fraud Products:

There are cases of many branded products found in AliExpress as fake ones. These fake products give high discounts and sales bargains which makes them eye-catching. As a result, many customers are lured into buying fake branded products. One must always look for more details while choosing a product that authenticates them.

AliExpress delivers a great online shopping experience to all international customers. That is a prime reason why it is popular in international communities. Overall there is more product versatility and more option for consumers. It also gives a great platform for international customers for Chinese products.

But still, check properly the seller and products description properly before any purchase. Besides, this is the information on the Pros and Cons of AliExpress Shopping.

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