Pros and cons of AliExpress App

Pros and Cons of AliExpress App

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The AliExpress app is an online shopping market application that brings over 100 million products to your fingertips. You can download the Aliexpress online shopping application from any app store and install it for free. It is both available for android and iOS stores. It provides a wide range of products at incredible prices. You can get your favorite products from China at your doorsteps. The application uses the same account you use in the AliExpress so it is handier to use. For those who are more into online shopping through AliExpress, the use of the application become easier. To provide better information, we have gathered some Pros and Cons of AliExpress App. Hopefully, these points will make the new users more insight to use the app.

Pros of AliExpress App:

1. Very easy to use and browse for products:

AliExpress has created an app that is very easy to use browse for products. They have organized their products systematically under various headings and subheadings. As a result, you can easily search for products as per your requirement without any confusion. For example, if you want to buy a mobile phone then just go for the mobile accessories part. It is very simplified for use.

2. Over 100 million products for consumers to choose from:

You can browse over 100 million products on your mobile in this application. This product ranges in all varieties and there is a very high chance that you can find the product that you are looking for. Those different products are just a few fingertips away. You can just sit on your couch comfortably and choose.

3. Free Shipping Cost:

Among the millions of products, consumers worry that they have to pay extra shipping costs. But AliExpress provides free shipping to the majority of their products. That means over 50% of their product are available for free shipping. Consumers would not have to pay anything. Of course, you still have to wait for the delivery.

4. Daily offers, deals, and Bargain:

With the AliExpress application, there are daily deals, bargains, and various offers for the consumers. That means offers are there daily for you to accept. You can get your favorite products at a bargain price. With such a great opportunity consumers can save a lot of money on their expenses.

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Cons of the App:

1. Menu for products needs to be better:

Compared to the website the menu for the mobile application is not up to mark. There are some cases where navigation becomes difficult due to this.

2. Lack of buttons:

Compared to other similar applications on the market there seem to be fewer buttons which reduce some functions. This can be really obvious if we compare side by side. This part definitely needs some upgrade.

Now we know the disadvantages of the AliExpress app along with its benefits. For the people who use more online shopping, AliExpress Store is definitely a great thing. You can get many things and great value for price and greater deals for it.

It is definitely worth a try if you are planning to switch to a new application. AliExpress App will definitely give you satisfaction in using it. Besides, this is the information on the Pros and Cons of AliExpress App.

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